Hello, I'm Bridget

Let me share my story

Can I share an unusual story with you?

My first unofficial job in safety began when I was just 7 years old!

My fathers business was run from our home and I would often be the one to answer the phone. The customers didn’t know I was the little girl of the house. (I was Piglet. My brother couldn’t pronounce Bridget.)

As the years went on, I learnt so much as second in command.

I grew up as a daughter of the 70's, a generation who didn't realise there was a glass ceiling. I grew up in a time when women ran the country and commoners became princesses.

I was a woman who knew no different.

So as well as continuing to learn everything I could from the family  business (from paperwork to going out on site), this brave Piglet went off to uni to study engineering.

Perhaps that was my first surprise, in this world where I thought there were no glass ceilings, I moved to a very different world.

And so it began.

I graduated at 23 and got a job where I was one of the most qualified there. Yet to some, I would only ever be the “secretary.” (I won’t add the swear words that accompanied that description!)

I was young, female and 6 foot tall, in what, I was fast becoming to realise, was a man’s world.

(It might not surprise you to hear that at times in my career, some of those men tried to keep me down. How dare I be so gifted…and tall!)

Of course, with resilience, passion and a determination for my voice to be heard, I’ve always risen above. Even in flat shoes.

Yet sadly, there came a time when being someone else’s employee was no longer lighting me up. In fact, it was draining me.

It was right then, in that moment when I didn't know where to turn and needed it most, that an opportunity came along. One that would change things forever.

I was invited by the then President of the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE) to attend their conference in Quebec City. I booked a flight and I was off.

What a different world awaited.

(The brochure even said “leave your suits at home!”)

At last, I saw how inspiring the world of health and safety could be, when people were truly valued. I made friendships that would last a lifetime. I met people who gave me the boost I needed to take the next frightening step in my career.

It was time to let go of the job that was holding me back, and to embrace my full potential as head of my own company.

So in 2008, Hundred Acre was born. I founded my own empire.

(The marketing expert at the time advised strongly against that name, by the way. It didn’t fit the mould. But as you’ve probably guessed by now, nothing holds me back!)

My adventures with Hundred Acre have been the best chapter of my story yet.

I’ve worked with clients across the world. From coffee businesses to wine tasting. From million pound cars to open heart surgery. No two days are ever the same.

Yet more than that, running my own business has taught me countless new roles. You have to be a technician, a manager, an entrepreneur…

And you have to understand your behaviours and values, and those of the people around you.

It’s all of this, brought together, that has made my working life what it is today.

Not only am I a safety engineer, I’m a consultant and a trainer too. This has naturally evolved into me coaching and a mentoring individuals and business owners who need my full support. These elements fit perfectly together, from the experiences I’ve had along the way.

As you’ve noticed from my story, there were times in my old employee life when I didn’t feel that safe.

That’s why I do things differently.

Hundred Acre is a place where people are at the heart of everything.

It’s a place dedicated to making sure people’s physical and emotional welfare is taken care of.

And whether you or your employees are a dependable Winnie the Pooh, an enthusiastic Tigger or perhaps even a dispirited Eeyore, it’s my wish to make Hundred Acre Everyone’s Safe Place.

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