2018 – Memories…

hundred acre Dec 28, 2018

Since this blog started New Year has been a time for reflection. This year the prospect of writing this weighed heavy, that was until our Founder and Director Bridget Gilmour started to type. This year has been an interesting one. Politics has taken over our world. We have no idea what the future holds and there have been challenges beyond belief.

Over to Bridget….

“Even sat talking with friends as Christmas drew close many commented that my year had not been good. I knew what they meant! Some challenges take over when you are going through them and looking back at the year it felt the same.

Yet sitting to ponder, reflect and type – letting negativity take a back seat – oh wow… 2018 – you have actually been the most amazing year! This year has been a year of change, a year of adventures, and most importantly a year of being truer and more authentic than ever.

Professionally I keep growing. In September I presented the IOSH No Time To Lose campaign at the CSSE conference in Niagara Falls. My 11th consecutive PDC. The campaign was received really well and being back in Canada I was home. This year more than ever before I realised home is a feeling. It’s the people and buzz of the CSSE PDC that I wish I could bottle and live 365 days of every year.

Another incredible professional moment happened when thanks to a long standing client, I was privileged to stand in an operating theatre and observe open heart surgery. No two days in my world are ever the same but this one stood out.

Observing the role of my client to write a risk assessment was one thing, but wow! I actually saw a fellow humans heart beating in their chest. I love what I do but open-heart surgery is something totally different and absolutely incredible.

Personally, there have been many adventures though one thing truly stands out. This year I took the trip of a lifetime and ticked number one off my bucket list. Life is short and as we never know what comes next. I booked the trip and Pooh, Piglet and I flew to Peru.

Shrouded in cloud Machu Picchu was more stunning than I imagined. (The image is possibly my favourite memory of my year) Emotions ran high and the morning after Machu Picchu I sobbed for hours as I knew there was no going back, only forward. I can do whatever I put my mind to and that’s exactly what I plan to do. To keep working, keep having adventure’s and more importantly – keep making a difference.

2018 has so many memories made. The highs get higher and therefore the lows are crashing drops and unsettling.

There are fewer people in my world as I enter 2019 than when I started 2018. To those who took a step away there is always a place in my world for you. I wouldn’t be where I am without you. To those who frequently reach out to check if I’m ok. The biggest, most heartfelt thank you. I’m not sure you realise how much those messages mean when they arrive.

My Hundred Acre world turned ten. Forgetting the challenges, I’m not sure how this happened but ten years – wow! How amazing is it that my little bubble has survived all the highs and lows not just of 2018 but of ten years? Around 100 clients have filled those years along with I don’t know how many colleagues and associates. I love my Hundred Acre world, and I cannot wait for what the next decade holds.

If you are reading this whether you are a part of my world or you stumbled across this page – thank you. Thank you for your support and thank you for sharing this grand adventure each time we circle the sun.

Here’s to the next one, to 2019!

To many, many more grand adventures for my Hundred Acre world and to a year of health, happiness and prosperity for all of us.”


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