A Week of IOSH and Inspiration

Last week was one of the most enjoyable weeks of 2017 in our Hundred Acre world, and it was mainly dominated by IOSH. Bridget Gilmour, Hundred Acre’s founder and director, shares her reflections on what has been a great and inspirational week.

IOSH 2017 Conference Opens

We were delighted to see a sign language interpreter as Graham Parker opened the conference.

“From Graham’s opening words of conference on Monday, to a presentation to the East Anglia branch on Friday; my week has been IOSH through and through.” Explains Bridget.

“The themes that were discussed at conference were very different to those of previous years. The world in which we work is evolving every day, and as a profession, we need to do the same. While the IOSH goal of ‘a safer world of work’ and Hundred Acre’s ‘everyone’s safe place’ will remain the same, the way we achieve it has to evolve.

“Hearing from the IOD and discussing the gig economy, it’s clear we all want the same; ‘good work matters’ and ‘all work should be good work’. As we in our profession all know, health and safety is good for business; an enabler, not a disabler, which was the theme woven through so many sessions.

Baroness Grey-Thompson at IOSH 2017

Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson was truly inspiring.

“My favourite speaker was honest, inspiring, emotional and funny. Baroness Tanni Grey Thompson reached the pinnacle of her sport and her determination continues to lead and challenge in the House of Lords, and wherever she can. While some of the stories she told made me sad, her drive and ambition inspired me to push forward in all I do.


The AGM is a vital part of the IOSH year and the handover of presidents.

“As the presidency handed to Craig Foyle at the AGM on Tuesday where he was welcomed at the annual dinner, our presidential team evolved. While those who moved on will not be lost for all their input and knowledge, I am excited to be part of this new team moving forward. I look forward to working with Craig and wish him well in his presidential year.

Welcoming Craig Foyle as IOSH president

Welcoming our new president Craig Foyle at the annual IOSH dinner

“The excitement continued through the networks conference on Wednesday. There was an amazing buzz in the room all day. I have never felt so much positivity about volunteering in networks and even more so for our young members. Let’s watch this space on that one.

“The end of my week saw a visit to the East Anglia branch for a presidential team update and a finale that made me smile lots. I was honoured to present a Presidential Distinguished Service Award to a long-standing branch member, who was described as a visionary in all they have done for the networks. The recipients’ shock and the excitement of those who were there for the presentation was wonderful.

“What a week. My phone has not stopped buzzing with messages since I got home as the work continues, though I am beyond proud of my profession and the role I have in it. Here’s to the next chapter. I’m a very Happy B.”

If you’d like to find out more about Bridget and Hundred Acre, please call us on 01933 201103 or write to us via our contact page. For more information about IOSH and becoming a member, please visit the IOSH website. We look forward to welcoming you to our Hundred Acre world.

Hundred Acre – everyone’s safe place


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