A Weekend of Celebrations for Canada

csse Jun 28, 2018

As the weekend approaches, we’re thinking of our friends and colleagues in Canada who have a long weekend of celebrations ahead of them. This Sunday, 1st July, Canadians across the world will be celebrating Canada Day; the day in which Canada became fully independent in 1867.

Having travelled to Canada for CSSE Conference every year since 2008, the significance of this holiday has become more apparent for Hundred Acre’s founder and director, Bridget Gilmour. “I’ve seen the importance of this holiday first-hand, so I know how much it means to Canadians. For me, Canada Day is a great reminder that the CSSE Annual Professional Development Conference isn’t far away, so it marks the start of my countdown.”

With our thoughts turning to Canadian friends and colleagues this weekend, we thought we’d remind all eligible CSSE members to cast their vote in the 2018 Board of Directors election. It’s your last chance today as voting closes at 5pm EDT (10pm for us here in the UK.) You can find out about all the candidates and cast your vote here: https://csse.org/site/election2018.

With the important business done before the extended weekend, all that’s left for us to say is have a wonderful Canada Day weekend. We’ll be thinking of you from our Hundred Acre world across the waters.

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