Adventures in Hundred Acre Wood

winnie the pooh Oct 26, 2016

To honour 90 years of the wonderful world of our namesake, Hundred Acre, we decided to go on an adventure fit for a storyline in one of A.A. Milne’s books.

Just 30 miles south of London lies Ashdown Forest; the place in which Hundred Acre Wood was created. We were joined by Piglet and Pooh who wanted to visit a few of their favourite places and take some time to reflect. Here’s their story.

Piglet and Pooh’s Day of Fun

Piglet and Pooh were so excited to play pooh sticks again that even the long walk didn’t dampen their spirits.

When they got to Pooh Sticks Bridge, they eagerly collected sticks and began to play. Thankfully they did remember the last rule of pooh sticks; falling in the water is SAD (silly and daft.)


Pooh and Piglet kept their eyes peeled for Heffalumps and Woozles along the way…


… but although they didn’t find any, they did see lots of wonderful giant oak trees.


Sadly, they didn’t find the North Pole again, though the walk to try to find it was certainly worth the effort.


Tummies rumbling, they had a little smackeral of something to eat, overlooking the beauty of the forest.


On the way home, Pooh and Piglet couldn’t resist a visit to the local shop.


They stayed in a beautiful barn just a few miles from the glory of Ashdown Forest, where they enjoyed a well-earned rest to recharge after a day of adventures.


The barn presented plenty of delights for the adventurous twosome with afternoon tea laid out for them when they returned.


They also treated themselves to a little liquid refreshment to toast such a wonderful day.

Not content with sitting still for long, Pooh and Piglet acquainted themselves with the other barn residents, although they weren’t quite sure if they were as happy to meet them.

Most of all, the adventure to Hundred Acre Wood was a time to celebrate friendship, reflect, recharge and ponder the wonders and inspiration of their creation, and the wonderful Hundred Acre World in which they shared so many good times.


If you enjoyed reading about Pooh and Piglet’s adventure, you might like to find out more about how your colleagues relate to characters in Hundred Acre Wood. Please feel free to browse through our blog and website, and contact us if you require any health and safety support.


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