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hundred acre Apr 21, 2020

In 2008 when I incorporated Hundred Acre I had no idea the adventure it would become. At that time I loved my work but couldn’t say the same about my job. Life was pretty miserable.

For every new opportunity I applied for I’d get to be the last candidate or the selected candidate and then the job came to nothing. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and we now know 2008 wasn’t a good year and the economy was suffering.

The day came where my head and my heart were in alignment and the decision was made it was time to make a change. To leave the job and security I knew and to put me and my wellbeing first. It was time to go it alone. In September that year, minutes after landing back on home soil from my first CSSE PDC in Quebec City – I resigned.

The 12 and a half years since then have most definitely been an adventure. They have had their moments but one thing has stayed true. My Hundred Acre world has grown around me and has been my safe place.

I can’t remember when, but over time when out networking I spoke more and more about my safe place and then about my aspiration for it to be everyone’s safe place. It’s years now since those three words were added to my brand and I registered the domain. And that was where it stalled.

Till now…

This last few weeks in isolation and with no meetings or appointments in my diary – Everyone’s Safe Place has come alive.

Hundred Acre

My Hundred Acre world has been founded on working as a health and safety consultant and getting people home at the end of the day. That is still very much a part of this world and when I am back out and about I will be training and supporting businesses.


Tropic became part of my world in 2017 and is very much still here. My team is growing, there are pampers and I love being able to talk about something different. Tropic is an amazing multi award winning British skincare and make up brand that is sustainable, kind to us, kind to our planet and fits this safe place.

And now there’s a new corner.

I have worked with a coach on and off for many years. I met the wonderful Karen Kissanenetworking a few years ago and have gradually started to work with her more and more. As part of masterminds, focus groups, retreats and 1-1 coaching too, I wouldn’t be where I am now without Karen and the other amazing ladies in the groups I am part of and The Smart Woman Business Hub.

As part of that work Karen introduced me to DISC. Its not the first profile that was done of me but it is the one that had the biggest impact. I have learned more about me and others around me since looking at my profile almost a year ago.

It’s been shared in this blog many times that I have had challenges over the years. Well 2020 is a very different time. I am no longer part of toxic teams, the circle around me has restricted in a good way and even better – there’s no bullying. I am happier and safer than for the longest time. Sat here now in the craziness that is our current world; that’s quite an amazing thing to be able to say.

DISC is a part of that change. It has really helped me to understand behaviour and preferences of people. Of those around me and far more importantly of me.

Taking next steps

DISC has had such an impact that earlier this year I became certified and then accredited through The Coaching Academy and now I can offer profiles to others.

DISC helps in so many ways. Learning about characteristics and traits of your personality, about communication styles and about our greatest fears. Helping individuals, families, teams – all sorts of people who want to learn and grow. It’s exciting to be working with my clients and with new clients and add even more to my safe place.

It won’t stop there. Having pushed myself to learn and build a new website I intend to continue to add to it. To create workshops and add training and opportunities to share my knowledge and experience as far and wide as I can. These steps won’t all happen over night but they are on their way.

Hundred acre isn’t going anywhere. It really is well and truly my safe place and now I’m so excited that it’s official, it’s Everyone’s Safe Place too 

If you would like to learn more about DISC, or any other part of Everyone’s Safe Place and Hundred Acre, please get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

Hundred Acre – Everyone’s Safe Place


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