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bullying mental health Jun 26, 2019

Those of you who frequently read this blog will know we post about a number of different things relating to our Hundred Acre world, which naturally include topics around safety and health and not always in the traditional sense.

We also post personal pieces too, and as World Wellbeing Week draws to a close, we were drawn to writing another personal piece about the impact of bullying and this time the importance of putting wellbeing first.

Bullying doesn’t just happen to children and young people in school, at college or in clubs; it happens in workplaces and families across the world. It doesn’t come in any specific form, though from what we can tell as we keep sharing and talking, it happens far too frequently. If you’re repeatedly ignored or excluded, overlooked or blocked for roles and opportunities, intimidated or picked on whether in private or in front of others, given impossible deadlines, criticised, shouted at or demeaned, the chances are it’s happening to you.

It’s a topic that’s part of the IOSH Working and Managing Safely course and one we take time, whenever we train, to let people talk about their experiences and concerns.

None of this a reflection of the person it happens to; instead, it reflects the person who commits the behaviour. It’s been a taboo topic for so long, and even if it is talked about, it’s often buried or swept under the table because it’s often an uncomfortable conversation. That’s why we’re talking about it.

We’ve realised that the more we speak about it the more people join us in the conversation. By supporting each other, we are controlling our own worlds.

This week for the second year running, Bridget is attending Mel Wells’ Self Love Summit. The summit will bring hundreds of women together from all over the world to discuss a whole host of topics that have traditionally been difficult to speak about. In Mel’s words…

“Self love isn’t a luxury – it’s an absolute necessity if we want a beautiful world for future generations to live in. Together we can change the world, but we must start by loving ourselves.”

Mel Wells’ has been part of Bridget’s adventures for a while now and she can’t wait to experience this next event having changed so much since the first one last year:

“I love the fact it’s about empowering women to be the most unapologetic, untamed versions of ourselves. The significance of this is becoming increasingly more important to me for both my emotional wellbeing but also for the health of my business. After last year’s event, I left feeling inspired, connected, confident, free and loved, ready to free myself from my limiting beliefs and I can’t wait to be there, to reconnect with friends and to be totally immersed in it all again.”

Whatever the situation you’re trying to manage to better your own emotional wellbeing, whatever its related too, it makes a difference when you face it from a place of self love. Just remember, nothing happens overnight and support from friends, family and colleagues makes all the difference.

There are some amazing resources available if you want to speak to someone, like the Samaritans and mental health charity, Mind. For those of you who like to be inspired through social media, we suggest following some of our favourite self-love influencers on Instagram, like @iammelwells, @bodyposipanda and @superlativelylj, who have all written amazing books too.

We’d love to hear from you if this blog post has inspired you to challenge bullying in your workplace. We’re always happy to provide support and advice in this, and any other area, of occupational health and safety.

Please feel free to call us on +44 (0)1933 201103 or send us a message through our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you resolve potential issues within your place of work.

– Hundred Acre – everyone’s safe place –


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