CSSE Professional Development Conference 2015

csse Sep 24, 2016

Everyone has milestones of the year they look forward to, the events that are added to a diary from one year to the next. The CSSE Professional Development Conference (PDC) is one of those highlights of the year for Hundred Acre’s founder and director, Bridget Gilmour. The annual trip to Canada to be amongst the foremost health and safety professionals in the world and be inspired is simply too great an opportunity to miss.

Having just returned from the 2015 conference, Bridget is keen to talk about the week, despite the jetlag: “I always meet so many inspirational people at conference; both speakers and delegates. Sharing stories as health and safety professionals always interests and inspires me, and I never stop learning from them.”

The CSSE PDC is about so much more than talking though. From Sunday to Wednesday, delegates attend keynotes, workshops and presentations, learning about new topics, development of standards, hearing stories from peers about experience and lessons learned. Highlights this year ranged from General Hillier to Survivorman, and presentations from esteemed peers to being part of the CSSE Leadership Workshop.

The CSSE PDC is always a full on event where attendees get to challenge their thinking and learn new ways of improving their effectiveness in the field. Plus with so many delegates, each day provides a fantastic opportunity to network and build powerful partnerships with health, safety and environmental practitioners from around the world. CSSE members work exceptionally hard every day to make a difference to the lives of many, and although they work hard throughout the conference, they also have huge amounts of fun.

As a volunteer on the CSSE Outreach Committee, Bridget’s recent trip to Canada had another purpose. “For the last two years I have led a working group to produce a guide called Hiring a Health and Safety Practitioner, for employers and practitioners. First published in May during NAOSH Week, this week version two was published. The project has taken the greater part of two years and being around conference this week, hearing the impact it is having, has been really great. Acknowledgement of the guide and my role as part of the team from the president and CSSE board during the AGM rounded off all the time and effort to get it published. It truly made me smile.”

As a professional member of CSSE, Bridget’s built many close business and personal relationships with other members, and the conference gives them a chance to properly reconnect. “Skype, FaceTime, calls and emails are all great, but nothing beats talking to people in the flesh. It’s another reason why I love this annual trip to Canada. Arriving in Ottawa felt like coming home; around every corner is a friendly face and a big hug. After the Q&A’s at the end of the AGM, one of the past presidents commented that CSSE is the best family in the world. I could not agree more. Next year’s dates for CSSE PDC 2016 in Vancouver are in my diary already and I’m looking forward to being there surrounded by my family again!”

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