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health and safety May 17, 2018

While final preparations are taking place in Windsor to ensure the wedding of the year goes without a hitch, people all over the country are arranging their own parties. Whether large or small, event planning takes plenty of organisation, skill and foresight to ensure it runs smoothly.

While we don’t expect additional police officers and security to be ramped up across the UK like they will be in Windsor, we do still want you to consider the safety of those coming to your events. Remember to assess the risks and put practices in place to minimise them. The HSE has a helpful incidents and emergencies section of their website you should familiarise yourself with before your event, so you’re prepared and ready to act should something go wrong. Take a look now to check if there’s anything you might have missed so far.

Remember to also consider the health implications of street parties and events. Simple measures like putting up gazebos and parasols will shade your attendees from the sun’s rays and creating a smoking area will encouraging smokers not to light up near other attendees and the vulnerable.

Events should also be accessible for everyone so please ensure there are ramps available for wheelchair users and those pushing buggies. If it’s too late to source ramps, make sure there are routes around your event that are suitable for wheels.

Food is something else you should also consider. If you’re laying on refreshments, we encourage you to steer clear of serving known allergens such as nuts, and foods with nuts in. Of course, there are other allergens to be aware of too, so make sure you know what is in what in case someone asks. The severity of someone eating something they are allergic to doesn’t bear thinking about. We have to beware of this in our Hundred Acre world as a few of us are affected by allergies so we always check.

How will you be celebrating? We’ve already spent time at a royal wedding afternoon tea event, helping to raise money for The Lighthouse Centre; a charity very dear to us and one we support through Tropic at Hundred Acre. We’ll also be watching all the events unfold on the big day and no doubt celebrating with a glass or two of bubbly.

Whatever you do, we wish you all a great day tomorrow with healthy and safe celebrations. Remember to apply sunscreen if you’re going out and keep well-hydrated; we don’t want you to ruin such a happy occasion for yourself.

If you’re planning an event and in need of some health and safety support, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can write to us via our contact page or call us on +44 (0)1933 201103 and we’ll be happy to help.

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