In times of darkness, lets keep the conversation going….

Uncategorized Mar 22, 2019

Wherever you are in the world and whether you watch the news or not – it’s hard to not be exposed to some of the truly heart-breaking and unimaginable events that have been occurring around the globe in recent weeks.

Suicides, natural disasters and one significant event that has hit us hard here in Hundred Acre. We were devastated by the news from New Zealand. We aren’t really sure why it hit us so hard, but one thing has stood out. As we have joined with our international friends in grieving the overwhelming and heartbreakingly unnecessary loss, we’ve been reminded what a true, great leader looks like in Jacinda Ardern. Ardern is leading her nation through its darkest days and has done so showing incredible rawness, empathy, understanding and unwavering support. How inspiring and assuring to see a world leader with such integrity, an incredible amount emotional intelligence and humbling compassion. Three less commonly recognised but, in our opinion, incredibly important traits of a great leader. Ardern recognises that above all else, people come first.

Around the world Ardern has been celebrated for acting with such love, respect and compassion.

In such troubled times, we must remember that love really does triumph and that love starts with the self. As well as the importance of self-compassion and indeed self-care, the significance of conversation is worth highlighting. In times of darkness, we really do need to unite to keep talking and supporting each other.

Hundred Acre’s Founder and Director, Bridget Gilmour said, “I don’t have words to describe my sadness and heartache at some of what is happening in the world at the moment. I’ve recently been away and sharing an incredible week with some amazing goddesses and striving to be surrounded by positivity and love, I just want to focus on the good. Seeing an incredible leader in New Zealand doing all she can to support those who have lost loved ones and make changes to laws to prevent recurrence while focusing on positivity is amazing.

I’ve also seen a wonderful side of life at the Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi. Inspired at the opening ceremony and even more so seeing and high fiving athletes who were so happy and excited to be involved and doing what they love – simply heart-warming. That’s the world I want to be a part of.”

If you’ve been affected by the events in Christchurch or any other matter, here are some helpful links for seeking further support:

The New Zealand Foreign Affairs and Trade’s website outlines the advice and support services available following the devastating events in Christchurch.

This article is particularly helpful on how to talk to children and teens about world trauma.

The Samaritans can be reached on 116 123

If you’d like any further information about staying safe or would like to discuss your health and safety requirements with Hundred Acre, we would love to hear from you. Please call +44 (0)1933 201103 or contact Hundred Acre here.


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