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tropic Apr 03, 2018

Bank holiday weekends are always full of all sorts of things, even if it’s just pottering around your house, reading a book or watching the tele. For us, Easter was a chance to catch up and reflect on a few things. While the rain fell, we realised it was a very different scene outside to two weeks ago, when snow covered most of the UK.

Although many didn’t brave the wintry conditions, nothing was going to stop Hundred Acre’s founder and director, Bridget Gilmour, from going to her first Glambassador event. After missing out on the September event due to flu, she was determined to join the celebrations.

Affectionately known as Glammies, Glambassador events are days where Tropic ambassadors across the country celebrate their achievements and see the new season products being launched. Around 1400 ambassadors made their way to Farnborough for the event, and no amount of snow was going to stop anyone getting there. People even arrived in flip flops to take part in the day’s theme; Tropic Air.

Regular readers of this blog know we usually share posts straight after an event, so you might be wondering why it’s taken a couple of weeks to post about the Glambassador day. The main reason for the delayed update is because the event was so amazing that it’s taken Bridget this amount of time to ponder!

“The whole weekend was great fun and it exceeded my expectations.” explains Bridget. “The prosecco was opened in the mini-bus before even leaving the drive and although being dressed up to party from 9am was surreal, it was just fab. Being part of a team is a huge thing for me. I love that the entire Tropic team is a very happy one, which shows in all the photos taken on the day.”

Being there for the launch of the latest new products was such an amazing experience. The excitement before and after the announcement was palpable. Huge cheers filled the room as we found out there was a new, eagerly anticipated haircare range, and new and updated self-tanning products too.

Glambassador event for Tropic Skincare ambassadors Another reason for taking time to share news from the event was to give us a chance to use the new products, so we could let you know our thoughts. Although we haven’t been able to try the tanning products yet, we’ve been using the haircare range a lot. There are four hair products that can be used together or individually, and they all smell beautiful. While the smell is a happy bonus, the products do what they should; wash hair. They’ve taken Susie Ma, Tropic Skincare founder, two years to develop. She’s done a huge amount of research into hair types and products and the result is squeaky clean hair without harming us or the environment. If we had to pick a favourite from the four, it would have to be the nourishing hair cleanser and the scalp massager. We love it! ?

Finally, and almost most importantly, Bridget was quite honestly blown away by hearing Susie speak. “Having heard her earlier in the year, I knew I would love what I was going to hear,” says Bridget, “though I wasn’t prepared for how much of what she said would inspire me or how it would fit with my Hundred Acre world.”

Susie spoke of meeting Simon Sinek on a charity trek; an author whose books have always resonated with Bridget. Susie recounted his story of finite and infinite players. Some are in it for money, and others don’t play to win, they play for a bigger and more infinite purpose.

Susie’s first purpose when she started out at just 15 was to help her mum with the bills and keep their home. Next came the social selling of Tropic products and the mission statement: “To give everybody the means to accomplish their dreams and inspire them to make a difference in the lives of others.”

As Tropic has grown, Susie’s mission and purpose have too. Tropic has a greater purpose to make a bigger difference by leading by example. The infinite purpose Susie shared is even bigger and the mission demonstrates just that. To help create a healthier, greener, more empowered world.

Susie finished by saying Tropic will only ever grow in line with this purpose. That’s why the products are good for us and good for the environment, by being sustainable in their production, packaging and all that goes into making the beauty products we love. Tropic aims to be carbon neutral by the end of the year.

Glammies gave everyone a huge boost. Being part of an amazing team and loving the products are both wonderful; though it’s how Tropic and its purpose fit so perfectly with our Hundred Acre world that’s the lasting thought. Hundred Acre is Bridget’s safe place, and her aspiration is for it to be everyone’s safe place. The Tropic corner will continue to grow alongside our health and safety services, though knowing all of it works in synergy to keep us all healthy and safe makes us very, very happy.

If you’d like to find out more about Tropic or our occupational safety and health services, please don’t hesitate to call us today on +44 (0)1933 201103 or write to us via our contact page. We look forward to welcoming you into our Hundred Acre world.

Hundred Acre – everyone’s safe place


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