Living in the moment #TCW2018

hundred acre Dec 10, 2018

A note from Bridget Gilmour, our Founder and Director, reflecting on her recent retreat and making the most of living in the moment in her Hundred Acre world.

“As I write this, I am sat on a BA flight heading home from the most incredible retreat that comes at the end of an amazing few weeks. 2018 has bought several milestone moments in my Hundred Acre world. As the highs get higher and the odd side swiping low that has come along has bumped me back to somewhere else. It’s a strange thing when it happens, and the reality is that it does and it can at times not feel very nice.

The last few weeks my world has taken a turn as I have shifted my focus. A month ago, I went on a retreat taking time out to work on me. Walks, meditation, visions boards and a whole host of work on my ‘gremlins’. Spending time with likeminded women, enjoying fabulous home cooked food and lots of laughter. After that my world and emotions were a huge amount lighter.

Since then the love for all that I do has been number one again and as my diary stretching ahead has filled, my whole world has too.

This last week I have been in the south of Spain at The Coworking Retreat. While my last retreat was working on me, this retreat was working on all of my Hundred Acre world. I couldn’t go to the inaugural retreat last year as my diary didn’t allow it. But this year, when the dates were set they were in my diary immediately and I was booked. I can’t say I really knew what it would be like but what I did know was that as it was arranged by the amazing Richard Eaton and it was going to be good!

As I sit on my flight and type this I have found myself in tears. The tears that rolled down my cheeks were those of happiness and a were also an acknowledgment to myself that this week has changed my life. Amazing workshops and mastermind sessions shared with incredible people. I haven’t laughed so much in years or enjoyed constant ‘innuendo bingo’ more. Sat in the sun with the sound of the waves and the breeze in the palm trees keeping me grounded. This is how to run a business, set goals and make plans for a richer more abundant future. Memories made. I know this won’t be my last retreat or visit to Las Mimosas.

To Richard and everyone who has been a part of the last week – thank you isn’t enough.

Huge hugs, I love you all and I absolutely cannot wait to be together again.

To me and to whatever comes next – here’s to now, here’s to living every moment, to my Hundred Acre world, to my safe place, to keeping on making a difference and here’s to B.

I am one happy, happy, B  xx”


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