Our Retrospective: The End of the Decade

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2019

As we’ve been taking a look back at 2019 we can’t ignore that it’s also the end of the decade. Hundred Acre was in full swing when it started and thankfully is going strong as it comes to an end. There might have been interesting moments but we are very proud of such an achievement.

Hundred Acre has gone through a number of changes but the one we love most is being Everyone’s Safe Place. It has always been Bridget’s safe place and the more people she met and spoke to, she aspired for it to be everyone’s. It kind of stuck and has grown into just that and we are excited to see where it evolves to next.

Bridget always says no two days are ever the same – from risk assessing open heart surgery, to all the adventures – the number of Starbucks mugs she has now, show how many of those there have been. From speaking at conferences, the volunteering, and to Bridget reaching the pinnacle of her profession with both Fellowship and a term as VP; it really has been an exciting decade.

Since this blog has been around the Hundred Acre characters post is still the most popular. Those characters inspired so much and will continue to do so in 2020. Beyond those characters we can all relate to, there are lots more characters and friends to thank too, it is the support and friendships made that truly stand out from the last decade.

Yes, we know from this blog there are those that have left their wounds and we also remember there are those who are sadly no longer on this journey with us. But it really is the people who have made this the most memorable adventure. Looking back at pictures there is a real difference in the number of photos from the start of the decade to now, below are just a few of those who have been part of the adventure.

Just as no two days are the same; we know no two decades will be either. Whatever comes next, we know the next big contract will keep us busy. We know Bridget will be presenting in St John’s in September and there are a couple of other trips but beyond that – let’s see where this adventure goes next.

So we bid farewell to the teens with a smile, with a heart bursting with so many happy memories and so much pride. We have Grande Dame on ice and cannot wait to welcome the twenties and a new decade of opportunity to make more memories.

More importantly we wish everyone a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year 

Hundred Acre – Everyone’s Safe Place


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