Protect Yourself and Cover Up this Summer

The weather has been glorious in the UK recently; beautiful bright blue skies with the occasional light cloud passing through. Fast forward a couple of weeks to the summer holidays and typically the great British weather turns to skies full of light grey clouds, occasional rainfall and plenty of wind.

Thankfully this doesn’t put most of us off from going outside and enjoying all there is to offer. We love hearing people talk about their upcoming camping trips, days out, family picnics and barbecues, and seeing how these activities make them smile and feel happy.

It’s not just our outdoor leisure pursuits we need to consider protection for this summer, but our thousands upon thousands of workers who spend most of their hours outside, whatever the weather. Although it might sound lovely to work outside when the weather’s nice, it does come with some significant health risks as IOSH’s No Time To Lose campaign explains.

Did you know that 80% of the radiation from the sun’s rays still gets through on an overcast day? That’s why there are at least 1,500 new cases of non-melanoma skin cancer and 240 new cases of malignant melanoma linked to solar radiation exposure at work in Great Britain every year. Occupational skin cancer takes the lives of around 60 people a year in Great Britain, and it’s worrying to hear that our stats are rising faster than our European neighbours.

The great news is many organisations are taking action right now to protect their employees, like the Royal Mail Group. Here’s a video case study we suggest you watch to hear how the Royal Mail Group applies their sun safety strategy.

The key points to take away from the video are:

  1. Cover up
  2. Apply at least a factor 30 sun cream
  3. Take breaks in the shade
  4. Check for any changes to your skin

As you may well have read in our last blog post, we’ve recently been introduced to Tropic Skincare; pure, honest and effective beauty products that fit with us and our Hundred Acre ethos. We’ve been using Tropic’s sun cream this summer and we can’t recommend it highly enough. We can honestly say it’s the most protective sun cream we’ve ever used and it’s chemical-free too, which we love.

While we encourage you to go outside and enjoy our summer of mixed weather, we also strongly advise that you apply sun cream to exposed areas and cover up whenever possible.

If your employees work outside, we urge you to take action on sun safety in your business immediately. There are free resources on the No Time To Lose website and of course we’d be very happy to help. Simply call us on +44 (0)1933 201103 or write to us via our contact page.


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