Smiles all Round this World Smile Day

mental health Oct 05, 2017

Today is World Smile Day and it’s got us thinking: do we ever really know what’s going on in other people’s worlds? We log onto our favourite social media sites and see our friends, family and colleagues all having a wonderful time, and we’re happy for them because we believe that’s true.

In reality, many people paint an online picture of their lives that isn’t necessarily a true reflection of the life they live. Instead, they show a snapshot of a moment they want to capture and share with everyone, which often portrays a lifestyle they aspire to have, rather than the life they actually lead.

This perceived reality can be very damaging to a person’s mental health. Even an incredibly happy, fulfilled individual can feel somewhat inadequate in areas of their life after a quick look online. Some social media, coupled with frequent reports of untimely deaths of people many of us look up to, and the heart-breaking statistics of suicide, can have a very powerful effect on us and our mental health.

Sadly, whether we realise it or not, society today can have a way of dampening even the brightest of spirits. Even a trip to the cinema to watch a film about beloved childhood characters can leave us feeling blue – yes, we are talking about Goodbye Christopher Robin.

We’ve read many articles about the film that have looked at the different traits of the main characters, including ADHD, anxiety, depression and dyslexia. We’ve picked up on these characteristics in a previous post, which you might like to read here. What we love about Winnie-The-Pooh stories is that they’re all happy. Regardless of the individual personalities, they come together to form a wonderful bond, from which stories of happiness and positivity have been born.

We’ve spoken before about how important mental health is to us and today we want to add a little bit of positivity into the world. There’s one simple thing we can all do today and every day; smile. Sometimes the smile of a stranger can brighten up someone’s day, and what an amazing thing that could be.

We recently read that after the war there was so much sadness, then Winnie-The-Pooh came along and made people smile again. Let’s focus on that today.

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