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Uncategorized Apr 15, 2019

Watching the pictures from Paris last night I hoped it wasn’t real. Waking up and checking today my heart broke.

Remembering the fires at Windsor Castle, York Minster, the Cutty Sark, twice at the Glasgow School of Art and with the eyes of the world on Paris, I understand why questions are being asked about renovations of buildings this morning.

Whatever the cause, so much has been lost. Whether it was preventable, writing this I don’t really care. It has sadly happened. What I do care about though is what can we can do to make sure it stops here. I don’t want to think more iconic places I love will be lost. 

Seeing the outpouring of grief and the support for something beautiful we have lost I also wish we had the same outpouring for so much damage we are causing the world around us every single day.

Whether fire or another cause, we all really must look after the world we love and every single part of it. I’m not a specialist when it comes to fire, that’s not my experience. I know people who are though.

I’m not a specialist on all things environmental or sustainability but I am learning and making choices in my own world to make my own difference. Today I really hope everyone starts to take steps to make their own difference.

If you read this and have questions, just ask. Whether it’s me or the hundreds of colleagues I’m connected to – just ask…

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