Time to reflect

July – how did that happen? So much has happened but how can it now be the second half of 2019? Reflection is something Bridget loves to do and the first half of 2019 needs lots of reflection…

At the start of the year, Bridget set some new goals for her year:

  1. serenity
  2. to live within her means
  3. travel the world working

Looking back, those goals have all manifested in her world and come true.

There have been some dramatic changes in Bridget’s world over the last six months. Some changes in clients, moving away from some of the long-standing roles she has held and creating some new circles. All of which have bought a new calm.

Serenity was a dream and it is only hindsight that highlights a change.  Some environments were in fact creating turmoil in her Hundred Acre world. Being surrounded by less toxicity and negativity has bought a different balance, serenity is being achieved.

To live within your means can mean many different things to different people. When you work on your own cash flow can often be an interesting thing. When setting up a company you know your own area of expertise but there is no one there to tell you all the things you don’t know. The list is those things is endless, but finance and cash flow are one Bridget wishes she had known more about much earlier on.

Over recent years the financial elements have got much easier, having taken time to learn and been given lots more advice. Payment terms are set and agreed from day one so there are no longer any shocks for anyone. While you cannot control the actions of others; setting terms and working with like-minded businesses means there are far fewer problems than in the early years.

“If there is one price of advice, I would give someone setting up a business”, Bridget says,“I highly recommend getting independent advice from those who know about financial stuff and cash flow. We don’t know what we don’t know, so find out….”

The most important word in the statement though is ‘live’. While cash flow and saving have moved up the importance list dramatically in recent times, there must be a lot of living life along the way.

Which nicely moves to the third goal – working her way around the world.


So far this year Bridget has taken three Eurostar, nine flights, and countless trains and taxis to venture around the UK and six other foreign countries so far. While one trip was mostly personal to Bali and a retreat. Others have been 100% work.

Some items that were added to a wish list of dream clients and dream work have happened over recent weeks. It is spoken about by many but letting go of some of the things that were weighing her down have opened up her world for new opportunities.

Bridget says,

“The realisation that the goals I set at the start of the year have come true makes me so proud. Reflecting I am also quite emotional which is a reason to share and hopefully inspire others that taking time to set their own goals. I can see now that to work on them and then to reflect does actually work. It also makes me more determined to take time to consider more goals and other opportunities I would like for the future.”

“We only have one life and it must be lived. I love my work and all I do and working with clients who share my values and desire to make a difference makes every day even more exciting. Here’s to whatever comes next.”

To find out more about Bridget and working with Hundred Acre please feel free to call us on +44 (0)1933 201103 or send us a message through our contact page. 

– Hundred Acre – everyone’s safe place –


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