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training Jul 07, 2016

Delivering training courses is a core part of what Hundred Acre does. We love training members of staff across a wide range of health and safety topics to ensure they, and their colleagues, get home healthy and safe every day.

Training is a specific requirement of health and safety legislation, so if you employ people to work for you, legally you must provide them with health and safety training related to the job they will be carrying out. But it’s about so much more than legislation; it’s about making sure your staff return home in the same physical, mental and emotional state as they arrived in.

We can make that happen. We run a variety of engaging training courses that make our delegates sit up and take note. Attendees don’t just find out what they need to do in our sessions, they also learn why. Understanding the why is what makes our training courses so successful and keeps your employees injury free.

IOSH Training Courses

IOSH update their courses periodically to improve them and keep them up to date with any recent legislation changes. Recently, there has been an update to the Managing Safely course, which we are approved trainers of and deliver both in-house and as open courses.

IOSH has also introduced a new training course for senior executives and organisational leaders called Leading Safely. Launched at the IOSH Annual Conference in June, Leading Safely teaches the value of health and safety in a face to face or blended approach learning course. Designed in conjunction with business leaders, the course covers how to achieve valuable business benefits, such as improved productivity, increased profits and an enhanced reputation, in a short course that lets the delegate return to work after just a few hours away from the business.

We’re looking to add Leading Safely to our portfolio of training and would love to hear from anyone thinking of taking the course. Further information about the training course can be found in the IOSH Leading Safely brochure here.

Bespoke Training

We also deliver bespoke training courses for our clients, which are tailored to the clients’ need. These include workshops, awareness training and subject specific courses of varying lengths, which include sessions on general health and safety, fire, DSE, legionella, asbestos, CDM and many more. We work with you to identify your employee’s training needs so that we can deliver the perfect training course for your staff.

Training is the favourite part of Hundred Acre founder, Bridget Gilmour’s work: “There is something about delivering training. At the start of the day there are many delegates who want to be anywhere other that in that training room. Expectation is very varied and many don’t understand the reason they are there or just see it as a day off. My training is all about engaging the delegates and supporting them to understand why they are there, what they are responsible for and far more importantly ‘why’. Every one of them is a mother, a father, a son or a daughter and our responsibility is to make sure every one of them gets home healthy and safe every single day. When they understand that the energy in the room changes; and then the whole session shifts. That’s the bit I love.”

Ensuring your staff remain aware of, and able to deal effectively with, physical and mental hazards they face in their workplace is critical. That’s why you need a trainer who’s able to communicate effectively to all levels of staff.

“There are many benefits to working with Bridget – probably the best thing is the rapport. She is a very good communicator and makes people feel at ease. Despite her depth of knowledge she makes you feel comfortable and doesn’t make you feel as if you’re incompetent. Her communication is excellent.” Office Manager

“Bridget is not just a trainer; she’s a mentor for delegates too.” Health and Safety Manager

To discuss your health and safety training requirements with Hundred Acre, simply call +44 (0)1933 201103 or contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you build and maintain a healthy, injury-free workforce.


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