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Uncategorized Jun 05, 2019

A note from Bridget Gilmour, our Founder and Director…

It’s my birthday today. A landmark day for anyone, but for me, this year is different. It’s a time for real celebration, a time for reflection on the journey I’ve taken (and goodness what a journey it’s been) and a time to look forward to the future. I’m going to share my story and the realisations that led me to start living unapologetically, authentically me in every area of life.

Earlier this year, I went to a retreat in Bali, organised by Mel Wells. It was something I’d always wanted to experience but previously my diary had not allowed it. I booked on after attending a summit that Mel ran, and in that moment it was announced I just knew that I needed to go, it was time to invest in me. The dates aligned perfectly to my diary, so I did it. It was honestly the best gift I’ve ever given myself. Bali was the ideal place for a complete timeout. On that retreat, with the time to focus just on me, serious realisations started to kick in. I began to understand that although I’d always been in touch with my value and belief systems, and thought I was living my life to those standards, some situations and a series of events weren’t allowing me to be my authentic self. Bali gave me the space to re-evaluate and I realised that although my values were crucial to my happiness, I wasn’t authentically living them.

And so my journey began on a slightly different course. I have made some of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make. Decisions to move away from toxic and negative environments that were in direct conflict with my value system. Those environments that made me feel I had to put a mask on just to fit in, turn a blind eye to situations that in my heart I knew weren’t in alignment with what I held important. It has been the scariest but in hindsight, the most rewarding change I’ve ever made.

I also knew that I had to take more time out for me. Whether that was taking the time to curl up on the sofa with a nice glass of wine and a good book, journaling or just sitting in the garden listening to the birds or enjoying a beautiful sunset. I like to think of these times as soul food. A time to reflect, recharge and just be in the moment. I can be quite introverted so time alone to recharge is important. But it’s also just as important for me to be around people who uplift me, who live the same way I do, and so I began to fill my life with more of these people.

Within my Hundred Acre world, there are so many different elements, it will always be my safe place. My dream is that it will be everyone’s safe place. I’ve realised that if I collaborate with other business owners, those who live in the same authentic way as me, staying true to their values and belief systems, we can deliver even more value to my clients. It also means I can share the load, giving me the time out that’s so imperative for positive mental health. I’m currently growing my network of collaborative relationships, which is hugely exciting. I want to evolve my business to help clients with all aspects of creating their own safe place for their businesses. This will include how to implement changes, be it through engaging and focused internal communications, through analysing personality types and how they work together to deliver change or through open training sessions. I’ll talk more about this in future blogs!

There’s so much talk about work / life balance. But for me, that phrase signifies that you have to separate the two. I believe that the separation of work and life isn’t necessary. If I’m living my most authentic self, then no matter where I am, at work or at home or in a social setting, I’m still living my values, being unapologetically me in every way and living a happy and fulfilled life.

My values and beliefs have changed along the way, that is the nature of evolving as a person, as a business owner. Experiences shape you, people and situations challenge your way of thinking, helping you to grow. What’s important to me, to stay authentic, is that the clients I work with and the people I collaborate with hold the same values. Their businesses must live up to the values they quote and their leaders must hold those values close and want to support their people.

In future blogs, I’ll be sharing more about my values and how anyone who enters my Hundred Acre world will see those in action. So what do you get with me? Well, however our paths cross be it socially, professionally or just by chance, you can always be assured that you will meet the same Bridget in every setting. Because that’s what being unapologetically, authentically me means.


If you’d like any further information about staying healthy and safe or would like to discuss your requirements or the possibility of collaborating with Hundred Acre, we would love to hear from you. Please call +44 (0)1933 201103 or contact Hundred Acre here.


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