What do we do at Hundred Acre?

hundred acre Jan 12, 2018

It’s been a while since we talked about what we do in our Hundred Acre world, so we thought we’d refresh your memory. Hopefully you’ll know that we’re an occupational safety and health consultancy, but chances are you probably don’t know how that transpires into the services we offer.

First and foremost, Hundred Acre is our safe place. It has been since 2008, and our vision is to make it everyone’s safe place. By spending time with your key personnel and truly understanding your business, we’re able to deliver bespoke, flexible health and safety solutions that fulfil your legal obligations and ensure everyone returns home from work in the same physical and mental state as they arrived.


Most of the time our work with clients starts with an audit, which looks at your people, property and processes. We’ll visit your workplace, talk to your staff and take a look around your premises. We’ll discuss the health and safety policies and procedures you have in place and talk to you about areas you’ll need to implement or improve upon. After our visit, we’ll send you a report detailing what we’ve seen relating to health and safety based on our visit and discussions, as well as recommendations for improvements, which will be bespoke to your organisation.


Training is our favourite part of the job and an area we’re currently spending time working on expanding; more on that in a future blog post! We’ll work with you to identify the training needs of your employees to ensure your workforce is up to date with relevant information and instruction, and deliver that in the best format for them. Our IOSH and bespoke training programmes will provide your employees with the understanding and behaviours they need for everyone to return home safe and injury-free every day.

Support Services

We provide a range of consultancy services, all of which are tailored to your business and available should you need the support. Whether you need an external competent person to meet legal requirements, require policies and procedures to be created, reviewed or updated, or would like an independent pair of eyes to help with your risk assessments, we can offer experienced consultants to assist you.

Our Clients

“We work with a wide range of clients,” explains Bridget Gilmour, Hundred Acre’s founder and director. “No two clients we work with are the same; the services they need, the size of their business, the experience they have with health and safety or their industry. Starting with an audit means we look at each new opportunity and client with a fresh pair of eyes and consider exactly what they need. Our clients and experience varies from manufacturing, construction, distribution, IT, services, retail, property and beyond. What they all have in common is the desire to look after their employees and the need for support to understand how they can do that or improve the systems they have.

Whatever industry you’re in, we can provide you with the necessary tools, training and support to ensure your workforce are healthy, safe and free from harm each and every day. If you’d like to find out more about how we do that, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact page, or call us on +44 (0)1933 201103. We look forward to hearing from you.

Hundred Acre – everyone’s safe place


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