Calm Amidst Uncertainty

Uncategorized Mar 18, 2020

For all of the events of my lifetime, these are by far the most uncertain times I have ever known. My diary is empty, all the work I had has been cancelled. New contracts are on the horizon but all are on hold. For now…

None of us have any idea where we go from here, how long this will take or what comes next. And yet – in my little Hundred Acre corner of this world I am calm. I must admit that is something I am finding slightly unnerving at times but I realise it is a reflection of all I have done over recent years to look after me, along with being so distant from all the toxicity I used to swim in.

I am by no means self-isolating but social distancing isn’t really anything new for me. It has been my world for a long time on the days when the introvert in me takes the lead.

At the moment I am making each day a mix of working on my Hundred Acre world in equal measure to keeping in touch with the wider world through cyber space and social stuff and escaping via Netflix!

I am continuing reading and working on adding Disc to Hundred Acre, more on that will come soon. I have a pile of brand new Tropic products, along with a fresh delivery of new catalogues for anyone who wants one. An electronic copy is available by clicking here and my online shop is very much still open:

There might be so much uncertainty around but I am truly thankful for all I have.

Stay safe everyone, and if you want a virtual coffee and catch up you know where I am.

Hundred Acre – Everyone’s Safe Place


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