Embracing Change

mental health Jan 31, 2020

For some, January can be longest, most miserable month. Never-ending dark, grey days; where the money doesn’t reach past new year let alone the end of the month.

This year, honestly, it’s been a different story for us. This January we are struggling to comprehend it’s the end of the month, the days and weeks have flown by!

Here, Bridget explains all in her own words x

2020 and the start of a new decade. Just as the last few months of 2019 were so different to a few months earlier, January has moved to new places again. 2020 has already bought change, growth, excitement and one dramatic break that could have been very different.

Change can be so many things. It can bring pain and uncertainty but it can also be empowering. That’s what January has been for me.

I have just completed my first month of a new contract as an interim Head of EHS. Most of the week I’m on site, managing a team as part of the senior leadership team and all that brings with it. I am buzzing about the new opportunity as it is both exciting and a challenge.

It’s not just that though. My Tropic team has grown, it is so great to bring more people into team Hundred Acre as I love spreading the word as an ambassador about the amazing brand as well as sharing the brilliant products and the difference they make to our health and the world we live in.

A week ago I completed my first day of DISC training. I was introduced to DISC by my coach. Learning about my profile and preferences last year fascinated me and last week the course I attended both grew my interest and my knowledge even more. I am now DISC certified and this will be part of my Hundred Acre world moving forward. I am excited for part two next month and all the new learning that will bring.

I am continuing to work with my business coach. The work and number of calls have increased alongside being part of a fantastic focus group too. My ideas and plans for 2020 and my world are evolving every day and week and with the stability and security of a contract for a while; I am loving exploring all of my ideas with some great people around me for support.

One break I didn’t need in the early part of the month was one of my toes. The instant I did it I knew what I had done. The pain, the sound, I won’t go on any more. I was also fully aware though that the universe has a greater plan than mine and while it slowed me down and changed my path a little, it didn’t stop me by any means. It didn’t keep me from site or most of my plans but it did give me a reason to sit back a little and observe all that was around me. It could have been so much worse.

Writing this, the days are getting longer and brighter times are out there. Looking ahead there is so much to come. This blog and my Hundred Acre world will continue to evolve and I will share all I can here. Hundred Acre and I will continue to do all we can to get everyone home safe and make a difference in every way possible, every single day.

Hundred Acre – Everyone’s Safe Place


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