Is this what Hibernating feels like?

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2021

January is the longest month most years but 2021 feels like its been supercharged. Short days, lack of light, very grey and cold, added to isolation and little contact? It must be what hibernating feels like.

There are so many cycles around us and hibernating and the seasons is just one of them. When we go through the seasons we can’t jump straight from Autumn to Spring. We have to go through the full cycle.

Winter is such an important time for the world around us. Trees and plants die down and rebuild energy for new growth, animals hide away to keep warm, and many cultures even have celebrations during winter of light over darkness.

It is a really important time.

Time out

Just like hibernating, taking time out to reflect can be such a good thing. Over the last year there have been waves of emotions and change and the greatest thing I have noticed people do is to accept that change is happening. While so much is out of our control only focusing on what we can control is hugely empowering.

For me I turned my fear of all that was happening into a new focus. I established new habits and created a strong daily routine to introduce some structure when lockdown initially felt that had been lost. With that focus came a much clearer head and I even decided to go back to studying and start something new.

Time for new

Breaking out of the cold and dark always has a feeling of newness and excitement. Sharing this I feel I am going through just that at the moment, just like the season.

I’m really excited that I'm about to submit the final elements of a coaching qualification. I've been training for the past six months to be a coach so that I can add that to my consulting and training.

I had noticed that in the work I’ve done over recent years that sometimes there's a different intervention that's required. Something a little bit different. So with extra time on my hands I decided that I wanted to learn how to coach people.


Are you part of an organisation, a health and safety professional, or another type of professional who would value having some coaching support for you or your business? Coaching is the perfect compliment to the skills that I have been delivering for years to support my amazing clients within the health and safety sector and as of next month I will become a qualified coach.

Let’s talk

I would love to have a conversation with you to tell you how coaching can support you. And if you're from the health and safety sector, I'd love to talk to you about how I can offer you a support package that will bring together consulting, training and coaching for the first time, that give you better and more effective solutions.

Here’s how you can get in touch with me, I'd love to speak to you 💚

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