Our 2019 Retrospective: Lessons Learned

Uncategorized Dec 13, 2019

It’s already mid December and in our little corner of Hundred Acre we cannot believe how quickly we are hurtling towards the end of the year and also to the end of the decade. It is usual at this time for us to start to reflect on the year and for 2019 it is no different. This year though, in blogs over the next few weeks, we are reflecting on the best bits of the year and the decade, and also those that weren’t quite so good.

Today, while many are thinking Christmas jumper day; for us as it’s Friday 13th, we thought we would take this blog to ponder the moments from the year that stand out for slightly more nightmare reasons.

Looking back with the wonder of hindsight it is clear that just because something didn’t go to plan it often ends up not actually being bad. It can frequently be where the greatest lessons can be learned. This year was certainly no different.

While it would be possible to dwell on so many things there are really only a couple worth discussion. One business and one more personal that the greatest lessons came from.

Our year in business

For business this has to be related to all things finance. Sometimes no matter how much you have in place, the strongest of procedures cannot stop cash flow problems for a small business. There are people out there who say they will do something, agree terms and confirm it. It can work out for months and then someone just changes their mind. And granted there are times when we haven’t got every detail quite confirmed and people run in a different direction before it can be finalised.

These have all happened this year and have caused upset and trauma but have also, in the end brought positive results too. 

Being honest with those around us and asking for help opened up some amazing conversations and more importantly made us realise we really weren’t alone. Not everyone talks about the really hard bits for being in business especially the financial ones. There are people in far worse places than we were but more importantly there are businesses out there to help. Our bank has been incredibly supportive, their amazing staff are still calling for catch ups even though the hardest times have passed. Even court and sheriff processes aren’t so daunting with people who know exactly what they are doing on your side.

While the initial impact of someone not paying is huge it is them who is in the wrong, and it is far from the end of the story.

A personal journey

From a more personal perspective it has been discussed several times as part of this blog that Bridget has been subject to bullying. This year one such long standing episode came to a head. While specifics won’t be discussed there is no denying it happened, the impact it had and the legacy it left. However, we and by no means least Bridget are thankful the events are all in the past and no-one involved is part of our world any longer. Even better, the lessons are vast and still actively reflected on as our Hundred Acre world is now a very different place.

Those who have gone through something themselves will understand the difference when it’s behind you, and to those reading still struggling, believe us from experience – it is possible to live in a world with no toxicity, no longer anticipating the next event that being sat in the wrong pool brings. 

Learning from experience

For Bridget it is taking time to adjust to a world that is so different, but with hindsight she says,

“For both of these lessons I had to be pushed to a limit. Maybe I wouldn’t ever have walked away. I was trying to make a difference where it simply wasn’t going to happen. I made decisions from my own values, respect and loyalty without actually being respectful and loyal to myself. I can’t regret what I did as I always made my own choices, but I have learned so much from all of the experience.

You can’t live in the past or in the ‘what if’s’. The wounds are fading and even better thanks to all the retreats, training and coaching I have done throughout the year. I have amazing support around me and I am in a far better place.

I also am very aware of the amazing support around me thanks to both of these lessons, and that is what matters the most. The future now looks very different and very bright and I am very excited for the next chapter and all that will come with it.”

Wherever it may be, in our business or with our clients, with the best preparation and planning you cannot stop things from happening. What you can do though is talk about it, be honest where you need to be and learn from it.

Next blog, we will look at the best bits of the year.


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