Reflection, 2020 so far…

hundred acre Jun 18, 2020

June is the centre of our year. Traditionally a time focused on celebration and the events our year revolves around. 2020, this year, it’s a little bit different.

For some this year the world has fallen apart and it’s a disaster. For others it’s a year where everything is falling into place and actually falling together. As we reach the longest day, Bridget looks back on the first half of the year.

From Bridget

At New Year, with a new 12 months stretching ahead, the first six were mapped out. I was really excited to have so much ahead. With so much in the diary what was ahead felt like a period of stability.

Within a few short days my plans changed somewhat abruptly. A trip to A&E and a broken toe didn’t stop me, but it certainly slowed my pace. Next my contract unexpectedly ended, and then – Covid. Suddenly my diary was empty and every prospect was on hold.


The first few weeks of lockdown with no work, no income and no financial support. I will admit I went into hiding. I watched lots of Netflix, I worried about how long the crisps would last and I had no idea what would come next.

It didn’t take long but my mindset shifted and reality became that I knew the universe had my back. I was being looked after like never before.

  • The broken toe had in fact stopped me from running in the wrong direction.
  • The ended contract had cleared my diary to allow me to work with businesses and individuals who put people first.
  • And Covid. Well Covid took away all the things I was anxious and worried about and actually gave me back control. It also gave me shingles, which I think was the way of letting me know even though I though I was doing ok, I still needed to look after my health.

WIth an empty diary, my coach, my mastermind group and a very open mind – my determination to look after me grew strong.


During lockdown I have worked on different things and have learned new skills.  I invested in a new platform to develop materials to support my business and help others. I have a new website to share more services and I have embraced weekly opportunities to learn from experts.

The time, space and opportunity this last few months have given me have made Everyone’s Safe Place a reality and helped map out a path to a new future.

So what does this mean for you?

Well I want to work with likeminded businesses and individuals to continue to make sure everyone gets home each day, in the same state, both physically and emotionally as they arrived, if not better. But at the same time to learn about DISC and coaching to support and mentor those likeminded people who want to be part of this safe place too.

As we reach the longest day, to me now everything is an opportunity. The world is waking to a new state and happily my diary is filling with opportunities and clients who are too.

To find out more get in touch – send a message or book a call.

Hundred Acre – Everyone’s Safe Place


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