Time flies…

hundred acre Sep 15, 2020

Midweek, mid-month – Oh my, how did we get to September 16? This last month has gone so quickly in my Hundred Acre world, time is flying.

A change of season

September is always a time of year that I love. The days are jumping between an Indian summer and a change of season. Back to school brings with it lots of feelings of new and traditionally there would be a very big trip.

The later might not be happening this year but there is still an awful lot going on in my world.

What have I been up to?

This last few weeks I have been supporting clients as they try to get people back into their offices. Training enquiries are starting to appear again, even potentially face-to-face.

My Tropic team continues to grow and after the excitement of the incentive window, the new range of products are launched this weekend.

And, I am loving working through my course and my first coaching clients are signed up too.

I am very, very thankful I now have a life that I am no longer trying to run away from.

What about you?

Is time flying in your world? Or do you and your 2020 need a boost or some support?

Whichever is more you, I’d love to know.

There are still a number of months of this year to go. There is lots of time to make a difference.

Can I help?

Sometimes you can’t do all of it alone. If you would like some help with supporting staff, at home or in the office. If it’s time to deliver some training or something else to ensure everyone is healthy and safe – I’m here to help.

Say hello – Get in touch or book a call, I’d love to hear from you.

Hundred Acre – Everyone’s Safe Place


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