Weathering the Storm

health and safety Feb 14, 2020

Last weekend Storm Ciara certainly made her presence known across the UK. One day as I was curled up safely at my desk, outside went from rain, to hail, to rain, to calm, to storm, to snow, to rain, to blue skies and back again. All in the space of a few hours!

While watching everything Ciara could throw at us, it made me think of what it’s like in the world I work in, as a H&S consultant or running a business and working for yourself. While things might not come at you with the speed of a storm, no two days are the same. I genuinely never know what is coming next. What I do know though are there are some skills I hold onto that make each day easier. 

We all need different skills, skills that generally fit into three categories.

  • We need to be technicians, we need the foundation and knowledge of the work we do so that we can even attempt to do our job. To some this is the basics when starting out and to others it’s getting every qualification there is. We keep learning along the way and as long as you don’t go beyond your own competence and knowledge, that’s what matters to me.
  • We need to be managers. To manage ourselves, our time, our clients, our support and even more than any of those – the expectations of others. I was advised of this very early on in my Hundred Acre world and I have held onto it ever since.
  • We also need to be entrepreneurs. The world of work is nothing like it was when I set up Hundred Acre in 2008. To be honest, it’s not even like it was a few months ago. We have to continue to evolve and change and adapt. If you don’t, you end up going backwards as the world moves on around you.

All of this can be a minefield, it can be difficult and it can be a challenge. Or you can change how you view each situation and take each challenge as being an opportunity. This is how I have changed my perspective and honestly, I haven’t looked back since.

One of the most important things I have done over the last few years is learn and understand my values. Along with learning and understanding all about my personality and the way I interact with other personality types. Both of these are so important.

I used to wonder why some events and occurrences rattled me while other challenges passed me by. I also could never understand why I had the same experience with some individuals I would meet. The more I learn, the more I understand different perspectives. This is a skill or desire not everyone has.

Understanding me and what makes me tick is making the greatest difference to my world. While I am not able to change the behaviours of some people around me, I can change me.

If people want to withhold money, terminate contracts, isolate me, bully me – whatever. This is their choice. How I react, respond and move forward is mine.

Just like Ciara, the weather continually changes and so do I – making the most of every opportunity, getting people home safely and making a difference every single day.

If you would like to learn more about Hundred Acre, consultancy, values, personality traits or more, get in touch.

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