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Uncategorized Feb 04, 2019

Whether you are someone who thinks January was a long month or like us you can’t quite believe where it has gone. January has indeed gone, and a new month is here.

Photo: A stunning looking day in London – Bridget on the terrace with Dr Karen McDonnell, from RoSPA and Past President of IOSH, and Michelle Muxworthy, a fellow VP.

Throughout January and as sat writing this the sprinklings of snow have reminded us it is winter as without them it might not have been clear. Just like the weather, work has been a complete mixture too. Client days mixed in with time to review our systems and processes. Dealing with requests including lots of training that are filling the diary for the coming months along with more client days and adventures that you know we will share when they happen.

January also meant the start of volunteering for Bridget Gilmour for both IOSH and CSSE in a number of ways, though a couple of events have stood out.

For three years now as part of her role as VP of IOSH, Bridget has been a judge for the Safety Group UK Awards. This year as a judge for the new Innovation Awards. The shortlisted nominations were interviewed back in December and all were invited, along with the winners of the Excellence and Outstanding Service Awards, to a reception at the House of Lords last week.

While the event is a wonderful opportunity to tour the Palace of Westminster and network this year for Bridget, the Innovation Awards made the day. The range of entrants was incredibly thought provoking, though on the day the winner really did shine.

The Lord Cullen Trophy was presented to Andy Cathro, the team from Dundee and Angus College and The Princes Trust. Their LoCHER Project video on asbestos was developed by their students raising awareness of asbestos and its risks. Many of them knew nothing about asbestos when they started. With the help of the team and of Cliff, who suffered from mesothelioma, they learned and created a film to share. 

Take a look at the film, please continue to share and raise awareness and learn. Sadly, Cliff has passed away since the film was made though it is clear here, his legacy lives on.

For more information on LoCHER project take a look here.

With CSSE, Bridget was part of a team who developed and delivered a webinar on Sustainability. Bridget has been part of the CSSE committee for Sustainability since it was formed, and this webinar was the first of a series CSSE are delivering through 2019. 

Sustainability is a conversation not everyone is having, and this group is working to get more people actively involved. Many people don’t realise the connection sustainability has with so much we do and the savings it can generate.

Here is a link to watch the webinar and to some amazing resources and references too. Grab a coffee and take a look…

If you’d like any further information about staying safe or would like to discuss your health and safety requirements with Hundred Acre, we would love to hear from you. Please call +44 (0)1933 201103 or contact Hundred Acre here.


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