Why We All Need A Shift In Perspective

mental health Mar 30, 2020

In my second week of self-isolation I have definitely kicked into a different mode. I imagine its probably the same for you? Before lockdown was announced I had already been home alone for a few weeks as courses had started to get cancelled and looking back I probably spent a few days in denial of what was coming.

Binge watching Netflix, permanently attached to my phone and twitter feed and panicking over the food I had and what else I might need. Not that I shopped or panic bought. My time was filled with anything that wasn’t connected to work or what was happening. In that last week I got my hair cut, had a mani-pedi one final task, got plants to brighten up my garden.

Deep down I knew lockdown was coming and I think I was distracting myself in any way that I possibly could. I was doing what I thought was important and what I was thinking I would miss or not have the opportunity to do for a while.

Externally I was calm but internally are few gremlins were doing their thing; When would my ingredients for green smoothies run out! What would actually happen if I ate the last packet of crisps? Totally random…

A different perspective

Once lockdown was confirmed the calm I was experiencing very quickly became internal as well as external. Unlike some previous challenges I have gone through; none of this was happening to me and there was nothing I could do about it. Within a few days I was working on Hundred Acre more hours than ever and what was important before was no longer on my radar.

My priorities and focus have now completely shifted. I haven’t left the house for ten days and I’m feeling great about it. Staying home and staying safe are what matter the most right now and doing so is my way of helping others.

I thought I would share what has helped me, in the hope it might help you too. Here six things for you to ponder;

  • Do you need to watch so much news – How much news are you consuming? How much is too much? There are so many constantly playing news channels and you could have it permanently running. The important updates are at the same time each day and you can get all you need from twitter and other sources without being glued to news channels. Limiting exposure in terms of time and source had a positive effect on me, why don’t you try and see if it has an impact on your mindset or mood too.
  • Prioritise your sleep – I have tracked my sleep for about a year and this last week it has been the best it has ever recorded. I listen to the Calm app most nights and now I have a Lumie light and have been using sunset to fall asleep. Noticing some of the triggers that cause a broken nights sleep means they become less likely to happen. Are you aware of the triggers that have an impact on your sleep? Recognising them is a first step towards making improvements.
  • Embrace home cooking – I realised a long time ago that heating up food was not the best for me, cooking something like Paella that takes lots of chopping and stirring but isn’t difficult or complicated means you have to stay focused on it. AS well as being good for you home cooking also means having to consider what ingredients you have and how long things will last as this isn’t the time for anything to go to waste. With less going out and shopping what meals have you been cooking?
  • Pamper yourself – Lots of people talk about self love and me time. Just because we aren’t leaving the house or getting ready for work doesn’t mean you have to let go. Have you seen the posts about forgetting to clean your teeth? Are you one of the many taking the time for a facial and putting on your face each day? A routine is good and starts and ends the day in a great way even if everything in between feels that it is a little all over the place.
  • Get outside – Most of us have the opportunity to get some form of exercise. While I might not have left my home as yet, I have spent a lot of time outside. Listening to the birds, sitting in the sun, enjoying a cuppa for just a few minutes – boosting your vitamin D and being in nature is such a positive thing. How much time have you spent outside?
  • And finally, Live in the moment – Living in the what if’s, the future and the unknowns can create an enormous amount of panic and anxiety at any time but it’s happening to far more people at the moment. Has your world been thrown off track completely this last couple of weeks? Are you one of the people who overnight went from heading to work and routine to being within the same four walls all the time? Living each day for what you can realistically achieve really helps to live in the moment. Structure is important but pressure is absolutely not and lists of all that should be done is adding to pressure and anxiety. Consider stayingg away from the lists; or even switch it up a bit – write a list at the end of the day and see just what you actually achieved, that really helps to focus on the positive rather than the opposite and the overwhelm.

There are so many small changes that you can make to each day and they soon add up. As it looks like we are where we are here for the foreseeable, it makes a whole lot of sense to start to make the differences you can every day.

Let me know what you are doing to change your perspective and to look after you? And if you need support – I’m here, any time, just get in touch.

And by the way – I might not have left the house and done more shopping but I am still making smoothies and still haven’t eaten the last bag of crisps  The priorities for me really have changed.

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