Five Years of Blogs

Uncategorized May 10, 2020

Today marks five years of blogs for Hundred Acre.

So much has changed over those five years in so many ways and this blog has evolved too.

At the start, when we welcomed everyone to our new site, it very much focused on information about the work we did along with more technical information. From where to find information about us and our services to keeping you informed about all-things health and safety. It was news, views, thoughts and opinions from our Hundred Acre world and beyond. Within a year it became the place we shared highlights and adventures too.

Hundred Acre has always been Bridget’s safe place and now we know it’s her aspiration is for it to be Everyone’s Safe Place. With that this blog continues to evolve and to be where we share our news, updates and adventures along with more evolution of what we do. Just like the most recent introduction of DISC.

From the welcome of day one to hello today to all who read this now – we are here, staying...

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Mental Health Matters and it Impacts us all

mental health May 09, 2020

At Hundred Acre, we believe that ‘Health’ is just as important as ‘Safety’ and that health is so much more than just the physical.

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week from May 13th – an incredibly significant topic.

Mental Health is a conversation we all should be having every week in our offices, businesses, factories and homes.

Mental Health matters and it impacts us all.

Hundred Acre’s Founder and Director Bridget has bravely shared her own stories here on our blog in the past and we’re committed to keep the conversation going.

This year’s theme for Mental Health Awareness Week is ‘Body Image’ – how we think and feel about our bodies. Last year, the Mental Health Foundation found that 30% of all adults have felt so stressed by body image and appearance that they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope.

That’s almost 1 in every 3 people.

Body image issues can affect all of us at any age and directly impact...

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VE Day 75

rememberance days May 07, 2020

It is hard to imagine the emotions of everyone 75 years ago as freedom was declared across Europe.

In our lifetime the wars that have taken place have been a long way away and times have never been like they were for all those who lived through the Second World War.

For those who remember; today will no doubt be just as emotional as it was then.

While commemorations won’t be as planned that doesn’t mean we won’t remember.

“To those who gave so much, we thank you.”

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International Workers Memorial Day

rememberance days Apr 27, 2020

International Workers Memorial Day, April 28th, is a date that is always marked in Hundred Acres diary. A day to remember all those who have lost their lives at work.

Established by trade unions and supported by health and safety practitioners, we remember those who were killed through work and renew our energies to do all we can to ensure those tragedies are not repeated.

This year it feels so much more poignant. In the midst of a pandemic where the world is at risk, it is no surprise that the theme is Coronavirus.

Losing a loved one is hard. Losing someone to an accident at work is hard. As a safety professional working and supporting colleagues when someone has lost their life, is hard.

At the moment, the number of deaths every day from Covid-19 is beyond hard – it’s unbearable.

While we are not able to gather for memorials like we have done in other years, nothing will stop us remembering all of those we have lost.

We hope you will join us…

Remember the...

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International Workers Memorial Day

rememberance days Apr 25, 2020

The ILO estimates that 2.3 million women and men lose their lives each year.  That means that since Bridget was walking and stumbled upon the Worker’s Memorial in Simcoe Park in Toronto around 26.5 million lives have been lost. The memorial was a Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) millennium project to honour lives lost. Bridget just happened upon it while walking on her first visit to Toronto many years ago.
At least one more life will have been lost as you read that paragraph.

This International Workers Memorial Day, we remember the dead and fight for the living just as we did last year and we will next year too.

This year though we urge everyone to join us today and every day to help make a difference. There is so much going on in the world around us and not only are lives being lost but damage is being done to the world around us that will never be repaired but hopefully can be halted.

Whether it’s working to ensure everyone gets home safe or it’s...

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At Last…

hundred acre Apr 21, 2020

In 2008 when I incorporated Hundred Acre I had no idea the adventure it would become. At that time I loved my work but couldn’t say the same about my job. Life was pretty miserable.

For every new opportunity I applied for I’d get to be the last candidate or the selected candidate and then the job came to nothing. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and we now know 2008 wasn’t a good year and the economy was suffering.

The day came where my head and my heart were in alignment and the decision was made it was time to make a change. To leave the job and security I knew and to put me and my wellbeing first. It was time to go it alone. In September that year, minutes after landing back on home soil from my first CSSE PDC in Quebec City – I resigned.

The 12 and a half years since then have most definitely been an adventure. They have had their moments but one thing has stayed true. My Hundred Acre world has grown around me and has been my safe place.

I can’t...

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Make Today Count

mental health Apr 13, 2020

So many people are so used to work, meetings, timelines and alerts driving each day. Isolation has been such a dramatic change from normal and was a shock for many.

Now it’s week four!

Many people’s worlds changed overnight when they were no longer asked to travel to work and sit in their office each day. Some are thriving and others it appears, are truly just surviving. For some it’s starting to get even more difficult as home isn’t necessarily a safe place. Along with all who are unwell, those are the ones who are in our thoughts.

Today, for most, it’s live in the now. Whatever you can do to make your day count; celebrate that.

Not everyone will have learned a new skill or language when we come out of this but if you can celebrate getting up, getting dressed, remembering what day to put the bins out – whatever it might be. Celebrate that all you can and you will get through!

For those who are struggling there are always people to call;


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Why We All Need A Shift In Perspective

mental health Mar 30, 2020

In my second week of self-isolation I have definitely kicked into a different mode. I imagine its probably the same for you? Before lockdown was announced I had already been home alone for a few weeks as courses had started to get cancelled and looking back I probably spent a few days in denial of what was coming.

Binge watching Netflix, permanently attached to my phone and twitter feed and panicking over the food I had and what else I might need. Not that I shopped or panic bought. My time was filled with anything that wasn’t connected to work or what was happening. In that last week I got my hair cut, had a mani-pedi one final task, got plants to brighten up my garden.

Deep down I knew lockdown was coming and I think I was distracting myself in any way that I possibly could. I was doing what I thought was important and what I was thinking I would miss or not have the opportunity to do for a while.

Externally I was calm but internally are few gremlins were doing their thing;...

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Stay Home, Stay Safe

The clocks have changed and we are looking ahead, well sort of…

This weekend has traditionally been the time we post and share a few routine tasks to check around the house, click here to read last years post.

This year though is different. 

Looking out of the window this morning it’s trying to snow and having not left my house for over a week I have no idea what is happening beyond my safe place.

This year it’s all about stay home, stay safe, look after ourselves and more importantly that means looking after and supporting all of our key workers who are keeping our country, and all of the world going.

Look after yourselves, enjoy the daylight – here’s to spring!


Hundred Acre – Everyone’s Safe Place

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Calm Amidst Uncertainty

Uncategorized Mar 18, 2020

For all of the events of my lifetime, these are by far the most uncertain times I have ever known. My diary is empty, all the work I had has been cancelled. New contracts are on the horizon but all are on hold. For now…

None of us have any idea where we go from here, how long this will take or what comes next. And yet – in my little Hundred Acre corner of this world I am calm. I must admit that is something I am finding slightly unnerving at times but I realise it is a reflection of all I have done over recent years to look after me, along with being so distant from all the toxicity I used to swim in.

I am by no means self-isolating but social distancing isn’t really anything new for me. It has been my world for a long time on the days when the introvert in me takes the lead.

At the moment I am making each day a mix of working on my Hundred Acre world in equal measure to keeping in touch with the wider world through cyber space and social stuff and escaping via...

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