Beating Bullying Behaviour

Those of you who frequently read this blog will know we post about a number of different things relating to our Hundred Acre world, which naturally include topics around safety and health. We also post personal pieces too, and we felt it was time to write a personal piece about a topic that’s been part of our world again recently; bullying.

Bullying is a topic we feel very strongly about as we know and understand the impact it can have on every aspect of your life. While we don’t want to dwell on the negatives, we know we’re not alone and hope this helps people understand that they don’t have to suffer the consequences in silence and together, we can work to eliminate occupational bullying.

Bullying doesn’t just happen to children and young people in school, at college or in clubs; it happens in workplaces and families across the world. It doesn’t come in any specific form, though from what we can tell, it happens far too frequently. If...

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Why Hire a Consultant?

health and safety Jul 12, 2018

Have you ever wondered what the benefits of outsourcing your occupational safety and health practices would be? We understand it can be a tough decision whether to appoint a health and safety professional internally, outsource to a third party or use a mixture of both, so we thought we’d take time to share some of the benefits of hiring a consultant, like us.

The Benefits

  • An independent pair of eyes might see things a little differently
  • An interim professional can provide cover for periods of absence, such as maternity leave or long-term illness
  • Additional support to complement internal health and safety officers
  • The reassurance of knowing your workforce is in a safe pair of hands with a competent person or team.

Why appoint Hundred Acre?

At Hundred Acre, we help numerous companies comply with legislation and ensure their workforce returns home in the same physical, mental and emotional state as they arrived to work in. While some of our clients appoint us because they...

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A Weekend of Celebrations for Canada

csse Jun 28, 2018

As the weekend approaches, we’re thinking of our friends and colleagues in Canada who have a long weekend of celebrations ahead of them. This Sunday, 1st July, Canadians across the world will be celebrating Canada Day; the day in which Canada became fully independent in 1867.

Having travelled to Canada for CSSE Conference every year since 2008, the significance of this holiday has become more apparent for Hundred Acre’s founder and director, Bridget Gilmour. “I’ve seen the importance of this holiday first-hand, so I know how much it means to Canadians. For me, Canada Day is a great reminder that the CSSE Annual Professional Development Conference isn’t far away, so it marks the start of my countdown.”

With our thoughts turning to Canadian friends and colleagues this weekend, we thought we’d remind all eligible CSSE members to cast their vote in the 2018 Board of Directors election. It’s your last chance today as voting closes at 5pm...

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Adventures in Deepest, Darkest Peru

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2018

You might remember we told you June was going to be an exciting month for us, and this is one of the big reasons why! We all love an adventure at Hundred Acre, and Bridget Gilmour, Hundred Acre’s founder and director, has now returned from the biggest adventure of her life to date; a trip to deepest, darkest Peru. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that Bridget didn’t go alone…

The adventure began as Bridget boarded a plan with Winnie-The-Pooh and Piglet.

Paddington Bear at Lima

Winnie-The-Pooh and Piglet were quick to make friends with Paddington Bear, who welcomed them to Lima.

Beautiful scenery in Lima

The scenery was spectacular; what an amazing country!

4910 metres above sea level in Lima

Mirador de Los Andes was the highest point of the trip; a staggering 4910m above sea level, or as Bridget likes to call it: “blooming high!” The active volcano in the distance was a truly awesome sight.

A beautiful journey through Peru by train

A wonderful day spent on a train between Puno and Cusco gave the passengers some amazing countryside views.

The beautiful city of Cusco

The beautiful city of...

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An Exciting Month Ahead

Uncategorized May 31, 2018

We’ve talked before about how much we love June; it’s one of those months where lots of things happen and all sorts of adventures take place. We’ve got plenty going on this month and it looks like every single day will be full of the things we love.

Our highlights this month will include attending an Equality and Diversity training course at IOSH and presenting a vice presidency update at the IOSH Chiltern branch. It won’t all be about work in our Hundred Acre world though, as we eagerly await the 86th 24 Hours of Le Mans, an event which will always hold a very special place in our hearts.

We can’t talk about June without mentioning June 6th; Hundred Acre’s founder and director, Bridget Gilmour’s birthday. June 6th was also her grandma’s birthday and a very significant day in our history; D-Day.

74 years ago, on 6th June 1944, allied forces carried out operations intended to safely secure an area of Northern France as part of World War...

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Celebrating Safely

health and safety May 17, 2018

While final preparations are taking place in Windsor to ensure the wedding of the year goes without a hitch, people all over the country are arranging their own parties. Whether large or small, event planning takes plenty of organisation, skill and foresight to ensure it runs smoothly.

While we don’t expect additional police officers and security to be ramped up across the UK like they will be in Windsor, we do still want you to consider the safety of those coming to your events. Remember to assess the risks and put practices in place to minimise them. The HSE has a helpful incidents and emergencies section of their website you should familiarise yourself with before your event, so you’re prepared and ready to act should something go wrong. Take a look now to check if there’s anything you might have missed so far.

Remember to also consider the health implications of street parties and events. Simple measures like putting up gazebos and parasols will shade...

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The Health Jigsaw; a Confusing Puzzle or Simple Balance?

health and safety May 13, 2018

We heard the term “health jigsaw” some time ago now, and it’s really stuck with us. Health is a complex topic as it involves a number of different aspects, so it’s not surprising many of us lose focus and fall off the healthy wagon from time to time.

Thankfully, the days of health being the silent partner in the health and safety industry are long gone, in fact there’s so much going on around occupational health at the moment that it’s difficult to keep up!

The media seems to be full of different health stories these days too; diet, types of diets, diabetes, mental health, exercise, mindfulness and wellbeing… we could go on. With so much information to take on board, it’s easy to get confused, especially as information often contracts advice from other sources.

Recently, we’ve been reading The 4 Pillar Plan by Dr Rangan Chatterjee. The book looks at four areas of your life, which Dr Chatterjee calls “pillars”;...

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Enjoying the Sunshine Safely

Did you know that yesterday was reported to be the hottest April day in almost 70 years, here in the UK? Inspired by the beautiful weather, we thought now would be a great time to remind you all about staying safe in the sun.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll love clear blue skies and bright, sunny days. The advantage of sun-filled spring days is being able to see your garden come to life, and there’s little in life that puts a bigger smile on our face than nature blossoming and blooming in front of our eyes.

As delighted as Hundred Acre’s founder and director, Bridget Gilmour, was to see her car temperature gauge at 27.5 degrees yesterday afternoon, it also made her think about those who spend their working hours outside, often to the detriment of their health.

“There are thousands upon thousands of workers who spend most of their time outside, whatever the weather.” Explains Bridget. “Although many people think it must be nice to work...

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It’s Fun to Fly Tropic Air!

tropic Apr 03, 2018

Bank holiday weekends are always full of all sorts of things, even if it’s just pottering around your house, reading a book or watching the tele. For us, Easter was a chance to catch up and reflect on a few things. While the rain fell, we realised it was a very different scene outside to two weeks ago, when snow covered most of the UK.

Although many didn’t brave the wintry conditions, nothing was going to stop Hundred Acre’s founder and director, Bridget Gilmour, from going to her first Glambassador event. After missing out on the September event due to flu, she was determined to join the celebrations.

Affectionately known as Glammies, Glambassador events are days where Tropic ambassadors across the country celebrate their achievements and see the new season products being launched. Around 1400 ambassadors made their way to Farnborough for the event, and no amount of snow was going to stop anyone getting there. People even arrived in flip flops to take part in the...

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Springing Forward

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2018

Although it might not feel like it, spring is now here. Whether you choose to follow the meteorological or astronomical seasonal changes, this is the point in March where the two definitions agree. While we’re not ready to pack away our winter coats just yet, we do need to acknowledge the clocks springing forward an hour this weekend.

For just over 100 years, we’ve been moving our clocks forward an hour at 1am on the last Sunday of March, and back an hour at 2am on the last Sunday of October. Most countries around the world observe similar changes to make the most of daylight hours as Earth orbits the sun.

The history of daylight saving time dates back to 1784, when Benjamin Franklin proposed the idea, though it wasn’t until 1907 when keen horse-rider, William Willett, first seriously suggested the idea in Britain. Sadly for Willet, he wasn’t to see the introduction of daylight saving time in the UK as it was introduced in 1916, the year after his death.


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