There’s No Time To Lose

campaigns Feb 02, 2018

With World Cancer Day just around the corner, we thought it was an ideal time to discuss IOSH’s No Time To Lose (NTTL) campaign. The campaign is all about working with employers and employees to fight certain work cancers. Shockingly, workplace cancer still claims an unbelievable 742,000 lives a year worldwide, 8,000 of which happen here in the UK.

NTTL aims to help businesses better understand the causes of occupational cancer so they can take action. The campaign is working to:

  • raise awareness of a significant health issue facing workers in the UK and internationally
  • suggest some solutions on a UK scale to tackle the problem – a national model that can be transposed internationally
  • offer free practical, original materials to businesses to help them deliver effective prevention programmes.

Worryingly, many workers worldwide are still exposed to deadly carcinogens on a daily basis. Working with asbestos, coal tars, diesel fumes, metalworking fluids, mineral oils,...

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