Bursting into Spring

disc Mar 03, 2020

The start of March, has Spring arrived? It might not be officially here but it really feels like something has changed.

The start of this new month is halfway through my Hundred Acre year and just like buds and leaves, all sorts are starting to burst into life.

With all the storms, rain and dark that it includes, winter isn’t everyone’s favourite time of year. It is a season like all the others though and one that we have to go through. You can’t have summer if you don’t have winter and the continuous cycle through each phase is just the same as being in business.

All management systems go through a cycle of plan-do-check-act. You can’t have growth and moving forward if you don’t go through the slower, slightly quieter times of check and act. It really is just the same as those four seasons.

For me, the end of a month, quarter and change of season is a perfect time to reflect as well as then plan. Just like the rain and the dark if I only focused...

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