Winnie the Pooh Day

Every year there are a number of days that inspire me, today is one of them. A day that itself is inspired by something very special in my world - today is Winnie the Pooh day.

It is such a different world since last Winnie the Pooh day.

While so much around us is changing and evolving so quickly; recognising the things that matter is more important than ever.

Winnie the Pooh 

Winnie the Pooh day marks the anniversary of the birth of Alan Alexander Milne in 1882. A A Milne served in the British Army in both World Wars and an injury he sustained in the Battle of the Somme clearly had an impact on him for many years. Outside of the Army he was a writer.

The A A Milne we know best is the creator and author of Winnie the Pooh. He created a world and characters for stories for his son, Christopher Robin Milne. That fictional world has become quite a legacy.

In previous years I have reflected on messages and inspiration from the books. This year is no different.



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Out and About

hundred acre Oct 08, 2020

The last piece of work in my diary before lockdown was training. Sadly that course never managed to happen. Now, seven months have passed by and this week, finally, I have been back out and about doing what I love. Three days of face-to-face training.

Delivering training

This week I have been at Woodland Grange, a beautiful training centre in Warwickshire. I have been there a few times and when this opportunity came up, I didn’t need to be asked twice.

While for a few months, I have been back to visiting clients most weeks. Beyond that I have barely been out and about or left the house for much else. This has been my way of doing what I needed to do, to stay safe for me and for my clients.

A great week

Packing my bags and heading off was definitely a strange feeling. Our world is different, going back is not an option. Though nor is staying locked away and doing nothing.

I am delighted to say it has been a great week.

My delegates loved the course, they came from quality...

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September Memories

hundred acre Sep 24, 2020

I love this time of year, September brings a sense of newness and a sense of change at the same time. My timeline of memories is filled with adventures and every day they never fail to make me smile.

This September is a little different to those that have gone before.

September Memories

September is always the time I head off to conference, and today is a significant one to ponder and reflect on what might have been.

Twelve years ago I had just arrived home from my first CSSE conference and resigned my job. One year ago I presented my Hundred Acre world in the home of the bear that inspired it all. And if 2020 had gone as planned, today would have been the most likely day that I would have been getting on a plane and heading for Newfoundland. For all my trips to Canada that is a part of the beautiful country that I haven’t yet been to and for now has to stay on the list to visit a little longer.

Looking back

This year is the first year since 2005 that I haven’t gone...

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Time flies…

hundred acre Sep 15, 2020

Midweek, mid-month – Oh my, how did we get to September 16? This last month has gone so quickly in my Hundred Acre world, time is flying.

A change of season

September is always a time of year that I love. The days are jumping between an Indian summer and a change of season. Back to school brings with it lots of feelings of new and traditionally there would be a very big trip.

The later might not be happening this year but there is still an awful lot going on in my world.

What have I been up to?

This last few weeks I have been supporting clients as they try to get people back into their offices. Training enquiries are starting to appear again, even potentially face-to-face.

My Tropic team continues to grow and after the excitement of the incentive window, the new range of products are launched this weekend.

And, I am loving working through my course and my first coaching clients are signed up too.

I am very, very thankful I now have a life that I am no longer trying to run away...

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A Day to Celebrate!

hundred acre Aug 17, 2020

August 18th is a very significant day for me. It’s a day to celebrate!

On this day, twelve years ago my Hundred Acre world was incorporated. A world that has evolved and changed and honestly – it has changed enough in the last twelve weeks and months. Let alone all those twelve years.

Hundred Acre Safety, became Hundred Acre and ‘my safe place’ is evolving into ‘everyone’s safe place’.


Looking back there is so much of 2012 I really don’t remember. I’m thinking that is actually a good thing in so many ways as none of us, not least me, are going back.

I do know I was unhappy, I know I couldn’t get another job to get away from one that didn’t light me up. I also know that when the seed of working for myself was sown, I was scared. There were times that the prospect of working for myself scared me so much I just cried. And cried and cried and cried…

In the end though, what was far more scary than working...

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Gratitude and Excitement

hundred acre Aug 06, 2020

Are you grateful for all you have or do you pine for what you haven’t? Do you wish you could shift your perspective and focus to gratitude and excitement?

Every august makes me reflect. It’s the last month of my financial year and more years than not, I end up being been amazed I have made it that far. In many ways 2020 is no different, when lockdown began I admit I did panic for the unknown. But now… I have noticed something dramatic has happened.

The focus of my world has really shifted!

My refections no longer come from fear, frustration and negativity. They come from gratitude and excitement in equal measure for all that is happening in my world.


I really have loved this last 12 months. Surrounded by some wonderful people, working with the most amazing clients, and being thanked for what I have done. That didn’t always happen…

I have loved the time and space recent months have given me. While the reasons for it are heartbreaking, my...

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Reflection, 2020 so far…

hundred acre Jun 18, 2020

June is the centre of our year. Traditionally a time focused on celebration and the events our year revolves around. 2020, this year, it’s a little bit different.

For some this year the world has fallen apart and it’s a disaster. For others it’s a year where everything is falling into place and actually falling together. As we reach the longest day, Bridget looks back on the first half of the year.

From Bridget

At New Year, with a new 12 months stretching ahead, the first six were mapped out. I was really excited to have so much ahead. With so much in the diary what was ahead felt like a period of stability.

Within a few short days my plans changed somewhat abruptly. A trip to A&E and a broken toe didn’t stop me, but it certainly slowed my pace. Next my contract unexpectedly ended, and then – Covid. Suddenly my diary was empty and every prospect was on hold.


The first few weeks of lockdown with no work, no income and no financial...

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At Last…

hundred acre Apr 21, 2020

In 2008 when I incorporated Hundred Acre I had no idea the adventure it would become. At that time I loved my work but couldn’t say the same about my job. Life was pretty miserable.

For every new opportunity I applied for I’d get to be the last candidate or the selected candidate and then the job came to nothing. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and we now know 2008 wasn’t a good year and the economy was suffering.

The day came where my head and my heart were in alignment and the decision was made it was time to make a change. To leave the job and security I knew and to put me and my wellbeing first. It was time to go it alone. In September that year, minutes after landing back on home soil from my first CSSE PDC in Quebec City – I resigned.

The 12 and a half years since then have most definitely been an adventure. They have had their moments but one thing has stayed true. My Hundred Acre world has grown around me and has been my safe place.

I can’t...

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Working with a Health and Safety Consultant

As health and safety consultants the recent HSE paper  “Understanding the impact of business to business health and safety rules” has made interesting reading. Our initial focus has been the parts on external resources and the impact they have on business.

The paper considers where the rules come from and the impact they have. It also considers the burden there is on businesses. In our Hundred Acre world we are fully aware that there is a huge amount involved in running a business. There are the parts we know, the parts we learn and the parts we have external support to help us to manage. That’s exactly where consultants like us fit with helping clients to understand what they don’t know about health and safety.

One item the report quotes as a source of burden is as follows,

‘The overall value of third-party advice to duty holders can be compromised where a segment of the market delivers advice that is neither tailored to the user nor (in some...

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Time to reflect

July – how did that happen? So much has happened but how can it now be the second half of 2019? Reflection is something Bridget loves to do and the first half of 2019 needs lots of reflection…

At the start of the year, Bridget set some new goals for her year:

  1. serenity
  2. to live within her means
  3. travel the world working

Looking back, those goals have all manifested in her world and come true.

There have been some dramatic changes in Bridget’s world over the last six months. Some changes in clients, moving away from some of the long-standing roles she has held and creating some new circles. All of which have bought a new calm.

Serenity was a dream and it is only hindsight that highlights a change.  Some environments were in fact creating turmoil in her Hundred Acre world. Being surrounded by less toxicity and negativity has bought a different balance, serenity is being achieved.

To live within your means can mean many different things to different people. When...

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