Mental Health Matters and it Impacts us all

mental health May 09, 2020

At Hundred Acre, we believe that ‘Health’ is just as important as ‘Safety’ and that health is so much more than just the physical.

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week from May 13th – an incredibly significant topic.

Mental Health is a conversation we all should be having every week in our offices, businesses, factories and homes.

Mental Health matters and it impacts us all.

Hundred Acre’s Founder and Director Bridget has bravely shared her own stories here on our blog in the past and we’re committed to keep the conversation going.

This year’s theme for Mental Health Awareness Week is ‘Body Image’ – how we think and feel about our bodies. Last year, the Mental Health Foundation found that 30% of all adults have felt so stressed by body image and appearance that they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope.

That’s almost 1 in every 3 people.

Body image issues can affect all of us at any age and directly impact...

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Make Today Count

mental health Apr 13, 2020

So many people are so used to work, meetings, timelines and alerts driving each day. Isolation has been such a dramatic change from normal and was a shock for many.

Now it’s week four!

Many people’s worlds changed overnight when they were no longer asked to travel to work and sit in their office each day. Some are thriving and others it appears, are truly just surviving. For some it’s starting to get even more difficult as home isn’t necessarily a safe place. Along with all who are unwell, those are the ones who are in our thoughts.

Today, for most, it’s live in the now. Whatever you can do to make your day count; celebrate that.

Not everyone will have learned a new skill or language when we come out of this but if you can celebrate getting up, getting dressed, remembering what day to put the bins out – whatever it might be. Celebrate that all you can and you will get through!

For those who are struggling there are always people to call;


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Why We All Need A Shift In Perspective

mental health Mar 30, 2020

In my second week of self-isolation I have definitely kicked into a different mode. I imagine its probably the same for you? Before lockdown was announced I had already been home alone for a few weeks as courses had started to get cancelled and looking back I probably spent a few days in denial of what was coming.

Binge watching Netflix, permanently attached to my phone and twitter feed and panicking over the food I had and what else I might need. Not that I shopped or panic bought. My time was filled with anything that wasn’t connected to work or what was happening. In that last week I got my hair cut, had a mani-pedi one final task, got plants to brighten up my garden.

Deep down I knew lockdown was coming and I think I was distracting myself in any way that I possibly could. I was doing what I thought was important and what I was thinking I would miss or not have the opportunity to do for a while.

Externally I was calm but internally are few gremlins were doing their thing;...

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Embracing Change

mental health Jan 31, 2020

For some, January can be longest, most miserable month. Never-ending dark, grey days; where the money doesn’t reach past new year let alone the end of the month.

This year, honestly, it’s been a different story for us. This January we are struggling to comprehend it’s the end of the month, the days and weeks have flown by!

Here, Bridget explains all in her own words x

2020 and the start of a new decade. Just as the last few months of 2019 were so different to a few months earlier, January has moved to new places again. 2020 has already bought change, growth, excitement and one dramatic break that could have been very different.

Change can be so many things. It can bring pain and uncertainty but it can also be empowering. That’s what January has been for me.

I have just completed my first month of a new contract as an interim Head of EHS. Most of the week I’m on site, managing a team as part of the senior leadership team and all that brings with it. I am...

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October 10th is World Mental Health Day

mental health Oct 09, 2019

Mental health is something we all have and here at Hundred Acre we think about it a lot. Even writing this post we have been aware of the emotions it creates and the vulnerabilities we all carry.

Today we want to encourage everyone to think about themselves and those around them and have the conversations many are too scared to have. Mental health is no longer something to hide and the more we talk and share the less the impact of it on everyone.

Whatever it is in your world that causes concern you are never alone. If you don’t have someone sat next to you there are so many resources available to all of us not least here at Hundred Acre. The more Bridget shares her story the more people reach out with their own. Sometimes it’s hard to listen, but realising the difference it makes personally, she is always happy to do so.

Whatever you do today, tomorrow, or any other day – just reach out.

Here are some resources we thought might help:

Samaritans – 116 123...

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Time to reflect

July – how did that happen? So much has happened but how can it now be the second half of 2019? Reflection is something Bridget loves to do and the first half of 2019 needs lots of reflection…

At the start of the year, Bridget set some new goals for her year:

  1. serenity
  2. to live within her means
  3. travel the world working

Looking back, those goals have all manifested in her world and come true.

There have been some dramatic changes in Bridget’s world over the last six months. Some changes in clients, moving away from some of the long-standing roles she has held and creating some new circles. All of which have bought a new calm.

Serenity was a dream and it is only hindsight that highlights a change.  Some environments were in fact creating turmoil in her Hundred Acre world. Being surrounded by less toxicity and negativity has bought a different balance, serenity is being achieved.

To live within your means can mean many different things to different people. When...

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Wellbeing – Beyond World Wellbeing Week

bullying mental health Jun 26, 2019

Those of you who frequently read this blog will know we post about a number of different things relating to our Hundred Acre world, which naturally include topics around safety and health and not always in the traditional sense.

We also post personal pieces too, and as World Wellbeing Week draws to a close, we were drawn to writing another personal piece about the impact of bullying and this time the importance of putting wellbeing first.

Bullying doesn’t just happen to children and young people in school, at college or in clubs; it happens in workplaces and families across the world. It doesn’t come in any specific form, though from what we can tell as we keep sharing and talking, it happens far too frequently. If you’re repeatedly ignored or excluded, overlooked or blocked for roles and opportunities, intimidated or picked on whether in private or in front of others, given impossible deadlines, criticised, shouted at or demeaned, the chances are it’s...

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Smiles all Round this World Smile Day

mental health Oct 05, 2017

Today is World Smile Day and it’s got us thinking: do we ever really know what’s going on in other people’s worlds? We log onto our favourite social media sites and see our friends, family and colleagues all having a wonderful time, and we’re happy for them because we believe that’s true.

In reality, many people paint an online picture of their lives that isn’t necessarily a true reflection of the life they live. Instead, they show a snapshot of a moment they want to capture and share with everyone, which often portrays a lifestyle they aspire to have, rather than the life they actually lead.

This perceived reality can be very damaging to a person’s mental health. Even an incredibly happy, fulfilled individual can feel somewhat inadequate in areas of their life after a quick look online. Some social media, coupled with frequent reports of untimely deaths of people many of us look up to, and the heart-breaking statistics of suicide, can have...

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Mental Health: It’s Time to Talk

mental health May 04, 2017

While we’ve been writing this blog, we’ve always focused on there being no reason for anyone not to make it home in the same state as they arrived to work in. More recently however, inspired by hearing it ourselves, we’ve also thought about the fact that they could arrive home in a better state.

During our years in the occupational safety and health world, the focus has traditionally been on safety though more recently, health has become a big part of the discussions too. In order to improve our health and achieve a better state, we need to consider the mental side of health too, as well as the physical.

Mental health is not a topic many people want to talk about; it’s something that people hide from, avoid and often joke about. Over the last few weeks, mental health has been in the media for numerous reasons and we’re really happy it’s now being talked about so openly. From the Heads Together campaign and the London Marathon, to the sad story...

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It’s Time to Talk about Mental Health

mental health Jan 27, 2017

No one thinks twice about getting help when they break a bone, have a fever or are physically unwell, yet many people are reluctant to talk about mental health issues.

The term “mental health” covers a whole raft of different issues, including lack of sleep, anger, depression, stress, PTSD, panic attacks, eating problems and loneliness, to name but a few. The concerns we all face can be very personal, or they may relate to others and relationships both in or out of work. Whatever the situation, issue or cause, we need to take action as the impact from one area of a person’s life to another can be huge.

We’re delighted to see 2017 has started with so many people thinking about, discussing and raising awareness of mental health issues. IOSH, the government and the IOD are all talking about mental health, which can only be a good thing, especially as this Samaritans report shows suicide numbers are continuing to increase.

The Duke and Duchess of...

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