Half Time

No not football, half time for 2021. Is it just me or has the first half of 2021 absolutely flown?

Two halves

It has definitely been split into two halves here - the quiet months and the total opposite.

Since the start of May I have spent most of my time heading to London and through that time it’s not just my world that changed.

The whole world started to open up too.

When I first headed to the station at the start of May, the platform and carriages were empty, St Pancras and the tubes too. It was a very surreal time.

This week it has been very different. The buzz is building back.

Time to Reflect

As my most recent contract ends it is a perfect time to reflect on that and also on the first half of the year. On all I have done and all I have achieved. On the lessons learned and on what can be done differently and better.

It doesn’t matter which part of my life it is. The mindset of the continual improvement cycle along with the coach in me are always working.

What about...

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