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training Jun 20, 2019

It’s been a while since we talked about what we do in our Hundred Acre world, so we thought we’d refresh your memory. Hopefully you’ll know that we’re an occupational safety and health consultancy, but chances are that you probably don’t know how that transpires into the services we offer.

First and foremost, Hundred Acre is our safe place. It has been since 2008, and our vision is to make it everyone’s safe place. By spending time with your key personnel and truly understanding your business, we’re able to deliver bespoke, flexible health and safety solutions that fulfil your legal obligations and ensure everyone returns home from work in the same physical and mental state as they arrived.

“The knowledge and passion of the trainer helped me learn much more than I anticipated and has made me question things within my role. “

 – IOSH Managing Safely Delegate

Training is our favourite part of the job and an area...

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Training with Hundred Acre

training Jul 07, 2016

Delivering training courses is a core part of what Hundred Acre does. We love training members of staff across a wide range of health and safety topics to ensure they, and their colleagues, get home healthy and safe every day.

Training is a specific requirement of health and safety legislation, so if you employ people to work for you, legally you must provide them with health and safety training related to the job they will be carrying out. But it’s about so much more than legislation; it’s about making sure your staff return home in the same physical, mental and emotional state as they arrived in.

We can make that happen. We run a variety of engaging training courses that make our delegates sit up and take note. Attendees don’t just find out what they need to do in our sessions, they also learn why. Understanding the why is what makes our training courses so successful and keeps your employees injury free.

IOSH Training Courses

IOSH update their courses...

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