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Consultancy - The Foundation of Everyones Safe Place

You may be wondering – what is consultancy?

It’s when I come into your business, work out where you’re struggling and take steps to fix things for you. Consider me the woman who takes your headaches away!

It may be that you’re worried about complying with the health and safety laws, and keeping your people safe.

Or you might need business support that isn’t related to health and safety at all.

I’ve worked with businesses around the world, so I know every business is different. That’s why my tailor-made services are so special.

I work out a plan for ongoing support, so you can relax and get on with the other important things in your business.

I Just Need Your Help!

If you’ve looked at some of the ways I can help and you’re not sure what’s right for you, guess what?

That’s perfectly normal! It just means it’s time to chat.

What’s special about working with me is that I have so many ways I can support you. (Some people call it a smorgasbord of delights!)

And I don’t expect you to be ready to choose your menu. Let’s do that together.

We’ll have a short call where we explore where you are and where you need to go.

Then I put together a package of support for you to consider. Something that’s personalised to your exact needs; your own wonderful buffet.

If you’re ready to find out how that could look, it’s time to get in touch. I’m excited to learn more about you.

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“Bridget was supportive, efficient, enthusiastic and passionate about what she did.

With Bridget’s help we designed a new regime of health and safety compliance.

Would I recommend Bridget?

Yes. Because she won’t let you down; it’s as simple as that.

There are very few people who I would recommend, but Bridget is one of them.”


I approached Bridget to coach me as I was at a point in my life where I felt lost and unhappy and needed some help and direction in moving forward. 

Bridget has been an amazing coach, who has guided me through some difficult times of redundancy with compassion, empathy and understanding. 

Bridget has encouraged me to take steps towards areas that I have been struggling with and to take action.

I am very grateful to Bridget for being such a great support. 


“Bridget has very good communication skills and is a very personable individual who is able to help understand a client’s needs and then deliver on what she’s promised.

She has an honest approach because she genuinely wants what is best for the client.

I would absolutely recommend Bridget.”

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