People behave in different ways, sometimes we are often drawn to likeminded people and there are others who see life very differently.


How much of a difference would it make to your life if you were able to understand why?

About DISC

When we communicate in a way that others understand, they are more receptive, more positive and more open, this can reduce stress and increase productivity.

People respond better to people they like and understand and while everyone is different; they are predictably different.

DISC is a tool that opens the door to more effective communication. It is a highly validated system that considers four styles and the way we reflect them. Developed nearly 100 years ago DISC is now recognised as a reliable and valid instrument.

Whether you are an individual looking to understand how others learn.

A leader looking to get the best out of your team.

A management team looking to work together and communicate more effectively

From managers, sales teams, HR, H&S whatever your role. Increasing your own self-awareness allows you to become more adaptive to situations.

The more you understand yourself, your team and others around you, the better you can all perform.

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Disc Profiles

Your individual online assessment that delivers a 15-page report personalised to you.

Your report identifies your preferences along with your general characteristics.

Your report visualises how you are seen, along with how you see yourself and any differences.


  • Your style and traits
  • How you prefer to be communicated with and how you prefer to communicate
  • Your greatest fears

A DISC profile does not identify any ‘abnormal’ behaviours.

There are no right or best characteristics. We are all simply a blend or combination of all of them creating our own unique self.


Disc Profile Only

Learn about your profile and read about your individual characteristics.

Complete your online assessment and receive your 15-page report.

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DISC Profile with 45-minute Feedback Session

Learn about your profile and identify your individual characteristics.

Understand more about the detailed content of your report and the specifics of your profile.

Consider what your individual characteristics mean so that you can learn and start to implement changes to your world straight away.

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