Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last modified on 4th March 2021


1 Scope

This privacy policy covers your usage of and interactions with The data controller responsible for this website is Hundred Acre (GB) Ltd. If you have any questions in relation to our use of your details, write to us at Unit 2. 135-137 Wellingborough Road, Rushden, Northamptonshire, NN10 9TE.

2 Our access to and sharing of data

In addition to any circumstances described below, we may share any data we collect if we are required to share data with the legal authorities to fulfil our obligations under the law of England and Wales.

If we wish to access or share your data in any way not described in this privacy policy, we will contact you beforehand and only proceed with your explicit consent.

3 Data we collect and how we use it

When submitting a form on this website, the submitted data is sent to us. We will use this data to contact you in relation to your enquiry. Access to data we collect is limited to the Hundred Acre staff who require that data to perform their duties.

4 Security of your personal information

We will take reasonable technical and organisational precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information. Your data will be held securely.

5 Data retention

We will only retain the personal information collected from a user for a limited period of time. The data will be held until we no longer need it to fulfil the purposes for which we collected it, unless otherwise required by law.

6 Your access to information

You have the right to request access to the data we hold about you. You can do this by writing to us at our registered office detailed above. We will, in turn, provide you with an electronic copy of the information you have requested.

7 Information correction and deletion

If you believe the information we have about you is incorrect, you have the right to request we amend your information. The new information will then be stored in our customer relationship management software and the incorrect information will be deleted.

8 Changes to this privacy policy

We may occasionally make changes to this privacy policy. Following any changes, the date at the top of the privacy policy will be updated. If any change allows for the wider access to or sharing of data, such changes will only apply to data collected after the date of the updated privacy policy.


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